Imagine being locked in a room (literally) and the only way for you to get out (except for real life emergencies) is to solve your way out. The Escape Room Melbourne revolves around a concept where players in groups of 2-6 are required to solve a series of hands on problems to escape from the room they are trapped in. You have roughly 70mins to complete the puzzle which requires you think outside the box (sometimes literally). You will need to do some lateral thinking, be able to read between the lines and work in a team.

2014-10-03 The Mine Escape Room (1)My bag is in that left corner of the table there. It is not part of the puzzle room.

When I first read about The Escape Room, I knew from the very beginning that it was something I definitely wanted to check out. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for bookings to fill and even now the original escape room is booked out until January 2015. So when I heard that The Escape Room Melbourne group was opening up another room, I jumped on that immediately and booked Le Boy and myself in. And boy, were we in for a interesting night.

2014-10-03 The Mine Escape Room (2)Some nice retro music is played from this historical looking contraption. The atmosphere really reminds me of BioShock.

The puzzles are a lot of fun to work through. They are challenging enough to keep you frustrated at times and make it worth your while. At one stage Le Boy thought I was going to bite his head off (I wasn’t) when I got annoyed at him for not telling me something he found. Which he did and I just didn’t happen to hear. So if there’s one thing my dear readers that I’ll have you take away from this, is that listen carefully to other people your group. Open communication is important. Also, make sure you double check everything as well. Its not about not trusting the other person, but more about the different perspectives you each may have on the same situation.

2014-10-03 The Mine Escape Room (3)

Enough said.

The experience was a lot of fun. Like…A LOT. Time flew by really quickly and before we knew it, we had already gone over time. The feeling you get when you have solved a puzzle though, is quite amazing. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

PST…they are apparently going to open a third room soon…

2014-10-03 The Mine Escape Room (4)

You can book at The Escape Room Melbourne on their website. Alternatively, Exitus Melbourne also hosts a number of escape puzzle rooms (five to be exact) for you to solve your way out from as well. Sessions are set with a 45minute time limit though, so it is much shorter than The Escape Room. A friend of mine with three of his other mates, recently did the CSI: Melbourne room and found it to be more enjoyable than he had anticipated.

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