Kaneda Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in the mic city arcade, 200 Bourke St Melbourne. It is a small restaurant with a very casual and relaxed atmosphere and a certain Japanese feel to it with the hanging fish fabric drapes at the entrance and tight seating arrangements. I was recommended to check out this place from a friend who kept coming back for the Bento boxes whenever he was feeling peckish. The menu is reasonably priced and the variety of food available is what you’d expect. It will seem a lot at first, because they list almost the same thing with one variation under a different name.

The first time I came here it was with a friend and he ordered the same bento box he always did while I decided to go for their Teriyaki hicken teppanyaki set.We also ordered some takoyaki balls (below) because I had a mad craving for them and it was pretty good. Not the best compared to I have pictured in my mind, but the best I’ve tasted so far in the city. They served it with tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, bonito flakes with some shredded purple cabbage to garnish the plate. Still loved it though.

Teriyaki chicken teppanyaki: a bowl of miso soup, a serving of rice, teriyaki chicken, a serving of vegetables, a glass of orange juice and a scoop of green tea ice cream. $16.80.

Here is picture of what I ordered. The chicken was quite flavoursome but the white rice was able to help balance it out. The vegetables where not overcooked and a decent sized amount was given. I’m often too used to large proportions of meat and not enough vegetables so I liked it like this. Miso soup had nice subtle flavours, orange juice was ordinary, and the green tea ice cream was a nice treat. More icy than creamy, but then I’m not too fussed about ice creams since I’m generally not fond of it anyway.

The second time I went here I decided to try their ramen and ordered the Shoyu Tonkatsu ramen (above). It was by far the most balanced ramen bowl I had been served thus far. As you can see in the picture, a decent amount of vegetables without too many noodles and not too much meat. (Which suits me just fine). The noodles were a chewy medium thickness and quite nice, it was the first time I actually ate everything in the bowl.  I’ve had Ajisen ramen before, and I must admit, even though their stock is quite nice and flavoursome, it’s too salty and I ended up being quite thirsty afterwards. Not only that but the just did not like the noodles they used in the bowl they served me, it was thinner, required more of a bite and too much for my liking. In this sense I guess it really depends on your personal preference. The ramen stock for the Kaneda Sushi restaurant was a Shoya stock (soy sauce based) and it was just right for me, without causing me to reach for a glass of water too soon after. It wasn’t also drowning in too much fat/oil as well, which is always a bonus.

Teriyaki beef bento box: tempura chicken, spring roll, two Californian sushi pieces, Teriyaki beef and onion, a serving of white rice.

This is what my friend had (see above). Without being too specific, he enjoyed the meal overall, it was warm and comforting. The sushi in particular was surprisingly more nicer than what you get usually in sushi shops, and had a good balance of filling and rice.

The place is definitely a good place for good old Japanese comfort food, with relatively quick service. The waiters/waitresses are polite but don’t expect any special high end treatment, because it’s just not that kind of place. The menu is reasonably priced for good food and a decent serving. Great place to come back and eat on normal occasions or if you just feel satisfying yourself with some good Japanese food.

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