Colourful Yunnan

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Colourful Yunnan

A larger than what it seems Chinese restaurant located on the corner of Swanston St and Grattan St, Melbourne serves provincial Yunnan cuisine. This place beforehand was a pizza shop but eventually closed down. Walking in for the first time I was surprised at the spacious interior, there was also an upstairs dining area as well.

The food is relatively spicy, but palatable. My friend and I decided to sample a few popular dishes from the restaurant and ordered A la carte with fried rice as our base. The staff were quite friendly and food arrived in a timely manner, no long waits.  It didn’t take long for it to fill up though, and before you know it, it was bustling with people taking their seats and ordering all sorts of things on the menu.

Braised quail eggs on mashed bed of beans. Spice: mild

The flavour for this particular dish was quite nice, but it was something you would sick of after your fourth or fifth piece off egg. The mashed bean underneath helped clean the taste out, but the whole dish was sitting in too much chilli oil for my liking.

Spicy chicken salad with beansprouts. Dish is served cold. Spice: moderate-hot, but palatable

This was my friend’s favourite dish from the restaurant. Serving the dish cold helped with the spicyness of it, and the taste was alright, yet again too much chilli oil for my taste.

Stir-fried bok choy in garlic sauce with mushroom/Chinese fungi. Not spicy.

We ordered this dish especially for me, because I require at least one form of vegies at any meal time (except breakfast). I loved this vegetable dish, the flavour and garlic sauce was nice and not too overpowering. It was cooked perfectly to my liking.

Braised pork rib friend rice.

This was the rice we chose to eat with all the other dishes. This was surprising different to normal fried rice because they actually include large chunks of meat the bones into the fried rice. It looks as if they fried the rice the liquid from the braised pork ribs and it was something new. The rice is also of the more shorter grained variety.

Dessert congee (topped with candied papaya, dried green sultana, pineapple and a slice of peach)

This was a huge disappointment. The liquid was simply a sugar syrup, and in my mind I was expecting some sort of ginger syrup. It also seems that each of the components of this dessert was assembled separately which is fine, but I would have expected the congee to be cooked in a special syrup instead, it was basically a serving of congee with sugar syrup poured over it. The congee didn’t absorb any flavours and was very bland. It looked nice, but tasted quite bland.

By the time we finished eating the place was filled with people. We didn’t order one of it’s most popular dishes which is a noodle dish that you mix yourself. They give you all the components of it separately and then you eat it the way you like to. Maybe next time if we ever come back I’ll order that.

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