Hopetoun Tea Rooms

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Hopetoun Tea Rooms

My friend though was looking for something else to satiate his dessert craving so off we went again in search for a dessert house. During one of the laneways leading to an arcade block, we could not but stop to admire the cakes and desserts display of a particular tea house. The display window was impressive, bright and filled from top to bottom with so many desserts from tarts, to strudel, pavlovas, sponges and cheesecakes…

My reaction was like…sweet heavens we must try and so we did. It’s flashy looking vintage french-ish? interior with chandeliers and a large filigree sand blasted framed mirror, dark interior lightning.

My friend ordered a pistachio raspberry jelly cheese cake while I had Lemon Lime & Pear tart. The cakes tasted quite nice, but one thing that really bothered me was the fact they weren’t  cold or refrigerated. Boo…otherwise, I think I presentation of the cakes because there were so many is what makes this place most appealing.

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