La Belle miette

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La Belle miette

It was one of those days where my friend and I had just had a satisfying lunch. That is it that didn’t cause our stomachs to burst open. One spring sunny morning and the craving of dessert hits in. We were not actually craving for sugar but call it a bad habit perhaps? I wanted something sweet, and it just so happens that there well known macaroon shop nearby from where we were.

I managed to stumble across one of Melbourne’s most popular places for macaroons and bought a salted caramel and mango & coconut one. And I was not disappointed, usually the macaroons I’ve tried tend to be sickly sweet, but these were sweet enough, but not overwhelmingly so. The salted caramel was chewing like caramel, while the coconut and mango actually had a concentrated mango puree jam and just crumbled and melted in my mouth.

 If you’re not looking closely, its easy to miss because the cafes and shops along this lane are just all tightly next to each other.

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