I won’t lie, I love food. Whenever I have the opportunity to eat out with a friend, I try my best to make sure it’s a place we’ve never been before. I was recommended to try Gingerboy by my brother because his friend works there as a chef. Hence he had the opportunity to try a elaborate dinner banquet showcasing some of their more popular signature dishes. That night, my brother came home raving about some of the most amazing things he had had the chance to taste and how he strongly recommended that I go there to try it our for myself.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (5-7)

My friend and I placed an early booking, and so were one of the first few to arrive there. The bar like restaurant had a really funky feel to it due to it’s low lighting, use of colour, plastic chairs and colourful decorative lighting and artwork. It was like dining in a restaurant with a club like feel to it.

Most of the dishes on the menu are designed to share and when dining you have the choice of ordering your own dishes or have the waiter/waitress design an banquet for you to suit your tastes. I made my first mistake here. I came to the restaurant bar knowing what I wanted to order, but before I could remember the last few dishes, the waitress reassured me that she would choose the best items to suit our needs. Unfortunately this didn’t work out for us because the dishes that we liked least were the ones that were chosen for us.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (8)

There were only two of us so with the banquet option for $80 per person (dinner), we had the choice of two entrees, two mains with two side dishes and a shared dessert. It is definitely the more cost effective way to dine if your dining purpose was to sample the menu. If not then you can also order whichever dishes you prefer and it may come down to roughly $30-50 per person, depending on how much you can eat.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (11)Son in Law eggs, chilli jam, asian herbs $ 13.50

One of the first things we ordered were the son in law eggs. Imagine a deep fried very softly boiled egg served with a (not so) chilli jam and Asian herbs. I envisioned warm/hot crispy deep fried eggs that with burst in your mouth with flavour and a warm yolk  to fuse everything together. Instead the eggs were served at room temperature with a soft rubbery fried exterior and a soft boiled centre. It tasted okay, but it’s not something I’d rave about.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (14)Hanoi style prawn and ginger in rice pastry with coconut, chilli, lime dressing $16.50.

The Hanoi style prawn and ginger pastries were at least hot and crispy, but much too salty.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (16)Bang Bang Chicken salad with rice noodles and peanut sauce (Correction made ** thanks to John).

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (15)Wok green side $8.50

It didn’t look like much while we were dining, but from the photos it appears to me that we consumed a whole feast enough to feel at least four people.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (17)

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (18)Red duck curry, thai basil, coconut cream and fresh lychee $39.00

This curry dish was amazing. Definitely the highlight of the evening. The duck was so tender and flavoursome, neither my friend and I had ever enjoyed eating duck so much in our lives. The meat was cooked to perfectly, the sauce was creamy and the crispy fried sweet corn cakes which were its accompaniment were just perfect.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (19)Crispy fried sweet corn cakes $8.50

Crispy sweet little corn cakes for which you can use to dip into the delicious duck curry.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (20)

And last but not least the dessert platter. Here we have (**Edits have been made thanks to John) 1. watermelon with calpico sorbet, 2. coconut tofu cheesecake with raspberry jelly and fairy floss, 3. tamarind parfait with lychee, 4. sugared banana fritters with palm sugar ice cream and 5.coconut and sago pudding $39.50. The desserts were all very nice. Certainly a great way to finish the meal for the evening.

I would come here again mainly for the duck curry and possibly try out their snapper and oyster. The place is no doubt a tad expensive so not a place for casual everyday dining. I would recommend for any future patrons though, that if you decide to come here to know what you want to order and not let the staff make any suggestions to you especially if you are going by the banquet dining experience. As much as they do have their best intentions to help you with the selection of dishes, only you would really know what you would like.

2012-12-28 Gingerboy (3)

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3 thoughts on “Gingerboy”

  1. you used the summer menu descriptions for the spring menu food you ate.
    That is the bang bang chicken salad, with rice noodles and peanut sauce. not the baby chicken with sambal (you can tell because it isnt a baby chicken, and it didnt have any samabal)
    that was a tamarind parfait, not passionfruit. which would mean that it was a passionfruit cheesecake (not raspberry, the give away is that raspberries are red, and passionfruit is yellow), and given the timing it would mean it was a coconut and sago pudding (not popping tapioca).
    For knowing one of the chefs, being able to tell a warm salad from a grilled chicken should be easy

    1. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my post and thank you for pointing these out to me. I realised that having written this post many months later I did have difficulty trying to find what we ordered from the site menu.
      The salad though was served to us cold. The chef though is one of my brother’s friends so I should have checked some of the food with him if I wasn’t sure.

      Thanks again for reading and the feedback.

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