After a scorching hot day and less than satisfying dinner I began to really feel like having some sort of dessert to just take it all away. My friend recommended we go to Il Dolce Freddo, apparently a very known ice cream shop possibly one of the best in Melbourne. I was skeptical at first because of the previous meal but you never really know until you try it right? What sold me was when I was told there were durian, lychee and pandan flavours. What?! No way, an Italian ice cream store selling tropical ice cream flavours! This I just had to see. Il Dolce Freddo is an ice cream shop located on Lygon St amongst all the other Italian and Thai restaurant. It is a little covered from the street due to the cars, trees planted along the walkways and the verandah which covers nearly all the shops along this street. Once we got to the store, it was quite obvious to see how popular the little ice cream shop was. This ice cream store was very busy and on the front window you can see their badge of pride with stickers indicating the shop being featured in the foodies guide for multiple years.

Il Dolce Freddo (4)

Now to be honest I don’t often eat ice cream. I do love my Bulla Cookies and Cream but that’s pretty much it. Ice cream from anywhere else including Trampoline or New Zealand just doesn’t really do anything for me let alone Mac Donalds 30c soft serve cone. Once I stepped inside the place though, it just smelt amazing the aroma from the Durian ice cream was just overpowering everything else. I looked at the ice cream selection and just really wanted to taste them all. Initially I only had planned on having one scoop, but that idea was completely thrown out of the window when I looked upon their wide array of flavours.   Il Dolce Freddo (6)

Doesn’t it just all look amazing?!? I was actually getting really excited over ice cream. What has become of me?! My friends and I all ordered very different flavours so I got the chance to taste quite a few, plus you can always ask to try a flavour before committing to buy. Just don’t ask for too many, otherwise they’ll get suspicious.  Il Dolce Freddo-My ice cream

So this is what I ended up with. I ordered three scoops: durian, coco pandan and tiramisu. The durian was not disappointing at all it tasted almost like frozen durian when I have it at home but a lot more creamier. The coco pandan had such a deliciously rich and smooth flavour. My friend was skeptical with pandan flavour being nice for ice cream but agreed that it worked really well. Tiramisu of course always tastes fantastic. I also managed to try mango, lychee and passionfruit from my friends which all tasted great. Passionfruit had a really distinct and intense flavour but kind of gives you that nice light and refreshing feeling because it’s fruit based.

I have never quite been so excited to have ice cream before. If I every just happen to pass by this store again during the summer with some friends, I’ll probably make an effort for a little detour into this shop to try some more amazing flavours.

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