After spending the afternoon catching up with a friend, I went to catch up with some other mates but this time from uni. We were due for some fun times and decided to take it easy during the evening. My friend recommended we go to Kitchen Inn because of their hand made noodles. The noodles were reputed to that tasted quite similar to the ones you would find back in Kuala Lumpur. I was quite skeptical but decided to just go with the flow.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn (1)
Kitchen Inn is a Malaysain restaurant located in the Melbourne CBD area .There are outdoor seats available and the place at first just looks like your typical Asian takeway restaurant. I wasn’t really expecting much.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn orderingHmm, what to order…

It didn’t take long for our meals to arrive. The first thing that I noticed as our noodle dishes were served in medium sized bowls, which was something different. I actually liked the overall serving size of what I had ordered. My friend who has ordered char kway teo, had it served on your typical large plate. I ordered the Kolo mee, while my other friend ordered the Kolo mee special.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn Char kway teo

Char Kway Teo: The total composition of the dish was alright, some more greens would have been nice. The noodles were quite broken which I’m not sure how they were meant to be and despite the flavour being good, it was a bit too salty and definitely too oily.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn Kolo mee special

Kolo mee special: This dish is essential like the Kolo mee, except with the additional of prawns. Four to be exact, for an extra $2.50. My friend didn’t think it was worth it.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn Kolo mee

Kolo mee: I’m not used to the amount of noodles in a dish in relation to everything else. The minced meat was nice, but the BBQ porked lacked the flavour I’m used to when I buy it on it’s own from the local Chinese shops. The noodles had a nice bite to them and the consistency was not chewy or too hard. It appears when you eat it, that there is soup in the bowl but it was probably more the water retained from cooking the noodles that they turned into a soup. It was flavoured just right, not too salty or mild and quite enjoyable as another food that could be added to my comfort foods list. It’s a little bit pricey considering your paying mainly for a dish that is 80% noodles, but still a cheap eat compared to other places.

2012-12-23 Kitchen Inn Honey wheatgrass

Honey wheatgrass drink: Now this was a refreshing surprise. I was expecting something overly sweet, but considering the hot weather outside and everything this was just perfect. If I were to come back, it may be only for this drink so far.

Overall I wouldn’t really come back to this place, when there are so many other great eats in Melbourne. It could be a personal preference but it’s just not my type of thing. The honey wheatgrass drink was great but I’d unlikely come back for just one drink. Pricing wise is fairly cheap in general and appropriate for the type of food they serve but all in all I probably won’t be in a rush to go back.

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