My friends and I went to Desert story after watching Les Miserables for an energy pick me and to satisfy our sweet tooth cravings. Dessert Story is a dining place that serves Taiwanese and Hong Kong desserts. You can get anything from different varieties of shaved ice with ice cream, sago puddings, jellies, taro and bean desserts, silken tofu puddings and even bubble tea. Orders can be made for take away or you can choose to dine in. I’m not new to Asian desserts, in fact my mum makes some of the best coconut sago and banana puddings, jellies and Vietnamese drinks that can be eaten like a dessert as well.

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My friend order the basil seeds served with green tea ice cream which was one of the ‘healthier’ and lighter options on the selection. Down below we have a shaved mango ice cream mountain (Snow ice) served with some popping bobba  pearls. Popping you say? Yes, that’s right ‘popping’. How can I describe what the texture was like. The popping  pearls have  have the texture of oversized sweetened fish eggs (that you see served on sushi sometimes) that bursts when you bite into them. A sweet flavoured watery centre is what you’ll find with each bite. In this case it was mango flavoured.

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I ordered this interesting dish. I really wanted to only taste how they used black glutinous rice in desserts. The dessert is served with coconut cream and some palm seeds. The texture of the black glutinous rice was too watery, sugary and overall quite plain. It makes me want to just make my own version of what I consider to be a nice black glutinous rice pudding with fresh tropical fruit.

I honestly don’t really like the food served here. It doesn’t taste that great, the idea or concept of the desserts available is awesome, but they way they make it just really does nothing for my taste buds. I’m also not a fan of refined sugar much either. The serving is one full meal size so if you’ve already eaten, I’d suggest you share it with someone else. And if you don’t like it, don’t force yourself to eat it all. I honestly don’t understand the appeal.

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