I was down in mid January for a cousin’s wedding. After the morning session, it was suggested that we go have some coffee and what is coffee without cake? So here we were all dressed up in suits and wedding attire, going into Muratti’s Cakes to have some coffee Cakes. Sounds very classy doesn’t it? Well I was very impressed by the cafe itself. I was taken away by the pastries on display as soon as I stepped in and wanted to try everything. Even though we shouldn’t really have considering I still needed to fit into my dress for the evening reception, who could ever resist such a rare opportunity to sample so many beautiful and potentially delicious cakes? After ordering all our coffees my brother and I scanned the cake display to decide on what to try out. We may as well have ordered one of everything at the rate we were going.

2013-01-18 Muratti (6&7)

Such delicious morsels of sugary goodness. Now I’m not going to even bother going through how each dessert tasted, because they were all really good. 2013-01-18 Muratti (11)Tiramisu

2013-01-18 Muratti (12)Chocolate mousse

2013-01-18 Muratti (14)Apricot and Orange
Milk chocolate mousse with almond praline, almond dacquoise, white chocolate mousse and apricot and orange zest, finished with apricot glaze and apricots poached in anise and cinnmon syrup 

Enough said…you cannot really get any more detailed about the complexity of this dessert right here. It’s a piece of art, a delicious masterpiece.2013-01-18 Muratti (15)Vanilla cheescake with strawberry glaze and white chocolate flower 

Now below here, we just have an attempt from myself to take a classy picture with my flat white coffee and my brother’s sleeve cuffs and ace of spades cufflink.

2013-01-18 Muratti (17)

I won’t lie, I tried everything. In the end, I was probably the one who ate the most as well. It was such a waste to just leave these glorious desserts half eaten so I did my best to savour each one as best I could and finish the ones my cousins couldn’t, because I’m a good person like that.

2013-01-18 Muratti (20)

If I’m ever in Adelaide again, I’ll definitely come back to Muratti Cakes. I’d love to try all the other desserts, and maybe just maybe even give their breakfast menu a try as well.

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