First an acquaintance and now a friend and with the help of  Tumblr and Instagram. Why do I say this? If it wasn’t for social media, I would have never found out what that person was really like. Sad but true. We find ourselves expressing our personal interests freely on random social media websites more than we do facebook or in real life. Why is that? Are we afraid of judgement? Or are we more able to connect with other like minded people all around the world more than we do with the ones in our everyday life? Now this doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone but even I find myself having more things in common with someone I’ve never met than people I see on a day to day basis. Perhaps its not so much that we do not connect in person either but that we are not bothered to find out. Just a bit of food for thought.

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (5&7)

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (3&4)

Moving onto to the food part though. My friend and I both love our brunches and cafe food so it was no surprise to any of us that we ended up at Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe. Now what sets this cafe apart from the rest is that they source their own selection of cheeses and have a section of the cafe dedicated to just that. Which I thought, was pretty cool. The menu selection was nothing out of the ordinary, but they had a good variety of options and the food tasted alright as well.

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (8)

I decided to go for the Roasted Portobello mushroom burger with fat chips $17.50 (above) because I was interested how they would make it, and see how well they do their fat potato chips. I was not disappointed with my choice, however I don’t eat much bread or potatoes in general so that didn’t really help my cause. My friend ordered a prawn salad with macadamia nuts and mango (below) which is only available on their summer menu (It’s autumn now). It had very interesting flavours and was quite nice, but wasn’t exactly amazing either.

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (9)

We wanted to give this cafe a chance to redeem itself though. Looking around, it was evident that their special fruit, nut and cheese platter and fondues were the popular items on the menu. But we decided to give their dessert a go. This was where we were blown away.

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (10a)

I don’t even remember what these desserts were called and I couldn’t find the description on the websites so I’ll do my best to describe them. This first one (above) was some sort of almond/coconut ice cream with a raspberry jelly like centre, covered in meringue that had been lightly blow torched. The dessert was decoration with these ginger snaps, fresh mixed berries and berry jelly cubes drizzled with a bit of caramel sauce I think it was. Now as for this other dessert (below), I’ve completely forgotten, but the foam like thing surrounding the ‘cake’ in the middle was warm, which was interesting. It wasn’t as sweet as the raspberry dessert but the textures and flavours were both very new to me. 2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (11a)

The desserts were amazing. – They looked fantastic and tasted even better than expected. So many textures and flavours. Of course it was very sweet, after all it’s a dessert but I did not regret it at all.

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (6)

2013-01-08 Richmond Hill Larder & Cafe (12c)

My friend and I had a look inside the cheese room. One of the female staff opened the cheese room for us and told us that these cheeses were imported from Europe.

2013-03-03 Richmond Hill & Larder cafe card (1&2)

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