After our Good Friday lunch at Hoa Tran, it was just still too early to head back just yet and my friends were craving for something sweet and a place to just sit back relax and chat. Hooray! When this shop initially opened, I just had to try out their coffee buns immediately. Even though the place sells ice cream as well, the only thing you should ever come here for are the freshly made crispy coffee buns with a melted buttery centre. The PappaRoti buns are essentially a soft sweet airy bread with a coffee cookie crumb top and a melted slightly salted butter centre. The combination of flavours of the sweet cookie top, the bitterness of the coffee flavour, soft texture of the bread and smooth saltiness of the butter just ignites all your taste bud centres and texture receptors on the tongue.

2013-03-29 Pappa Rot (4)2013-03-29 Pappa Rot (3)The little shop also serves coffee but it’s quite ordinary. They used to serve Malaysian drinks such as teh tarik but it’s been taken off the menu. I didn’t feel like a coffee on the day so ordered a hot Honey Ice Lemon drink $3.70 which was served to be cold with ice (below)…for some reason.2013-03-29 Pappa Rot (5)My friends made the lady at the counter take it back though and serve it again but hot this time. Initially when the store opened it was quite busy for a couple of weeks, but busy slowed down. Well there is only so many coffee buns you can sell in one day right? And of course daily sales would vary a lot. Coffee is definitely not the selling point and even though you may have some customers interested in the ice cream, I think it’s more of a novelty to be able to sell the ice cream. There’s not really a market for ice cream in Springvale or European desserts here. There’s definitely people who are interested on the occasion, more so the younger patrons, but apart from that red bean, panda, durian, lotus seed, black sesame and mung bean flavoured sweets dominate any chocolate flavoured cake or lemon tart any day.

2013-03-29 Pappa Rot (1)PappaRoti crispy coffee bun

Would I come back? If I ever had a craving for a soft coffee flavoured bun for the low price of $2.50 then, sure.

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