I was called out to dinner late at night for some Korean BBQ in Clayton, just a five minutes drive from home and knew I had to prepare my body to digest a larger than normal amount of meat. On a day to day basis, you’d probably be forgiven to believe that I’m vegetarian. But for the love of food and the sake of blogging I’m willing to try, taste and experience new flavours. Kang Na Roo is on the corner of Clayton Rd and a small side street almost next to the train station but on the opposite side. Still following me? It’s a cosy restaurant that’s large enough to accommodate a decent number of people without feeling too crowded.

2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (2-5)

Since my friend was more familiar about this place than I was, I let him place the order. I was interested in trying their Bibimbap so he ordered that as well. The place was quite generous with their selection of side dishes (below) and free refills which was nice to see. The food that we ordered came out in smaller portions that I expected, compared to Kimchi Grandma however it was just the right size for me personally especially if you’re dining for one.

2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (7)

The Sam Gyup Sal (below) was quite tasty. It reminded me of the pork my mum makes at home. The only real difference is that we have it without vegetables, or any particular special dipping sauce and served as a side dish to be eaten with rice. There was just too much oil though.

2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (8) 2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (10)

This was some sort of spicy vegetarian tofu soup which was quite nice. It wasn’t as chilli as I thought it’d be since I have quite a sensitive palate to spicy food. The bibimbap (below) seemed to lack components that I was used to seeing. There was also too much burnt rice at the bottom of the bowl. I ended up with some really dark brown hard rice that I had to leave to the size because it was not edible.

2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (11) 2013-04-05 Kang Na Roo (13)

Beefl Bulgogi (above) was well flavoured and the beef strips were tender. Again there was too much oil and I didn’t think it was really necessary to use that much if they didn’t want the meat to stick to the plate. It was nice, but I’d prefer if they’d cook the dish in a homemade style.

After that was said and eaten, it was time to go for a nice little walk to help digest all that yummy food. Overall I would say this is a place to eat, or at least try out but I wouldn’t be in a rush to come back here just yet especially when there are so many other places to try out.

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