Bun Bun Bakery is by far my most favourite place to go for a Vietnamese bread roll or banh mi thit. I go here almost every Saturday for lunch just before doing the groceries and never once have I gotten sick of eating it. It really is that good. I remember how my mum used to buy my brother and I banh mi thit when we were younger for lunch. There was a period of time back when I was in grade 6 where this shop had to close down due to a food poisoning incidence 12 years ago. The cause? Someone had decided to leave the bread roll out all day before eating it. Now the shop has a disclaimer recommending customers to eat the banh mi thit immediately or refrigerate for food safety reasons. Now back to the bread rolls themselves.

2012-12-22 Bun Bun (1a)2012-12-22 Bun Bun (2)

Bun Bun Bakery has been acclaimed in The Age as one of Meblourne’s top 10 sandwiches, and trust me once you’ve had a taste of their BBQ chicken roll you will definitely be coming back for more. I’ve taken my friends here many times and they all loved it. My friend who from Singapore is always saying food in Singapore is better than Melbourne has acknowledged the great pleasures and joy of eating a BBQ chicken roll from Bun Bun Bakery as well.

There are many reasons why I love coming here. Apart from it’s convenience, (since it’s only a 10minute walk from my house) for what you get it’s fairly cheap. Sure it’s 50c more than your normal banh mi thit at the other bakeries in the area, but I can assure you that the extra 50c you pay for is well worth it. Due to its popularity and high demand, everything is always fresh.  And you can never go wrong with fresh food. Most of the time you can see the baker topping up on the BBQ meats, stir fried onions are added more freshly cut vegetables to the bain-marie.2012-12-22 Bun Bun (3,4)

So what do like about the bread roll? Lets start with the bread first. It’s crispy, airy and has a soft slightly chewy centre which to me is perfect for a sandwich roll. When eating this bread roll, it doesn’t feel like your eating just bread only. Bun Bun Bakery I believe was the first if not one of the first bakeries in Springvale to give you a decent selection and serving of salad, stir fried onions and a special sauce to help tie everything together. It’s filled generously and will keep your stomach satisfied for hours.

2013-04-06 Bun Bun bakery (1&3)

Here you can see for yourself that I managed to control myself enough to bring one home and cut it in half to show you how balanced the bread to filling ratio of the bread roll is. The bread is not the star of this show, it just helps tie all the flavours together. This BBQ chicken roll $4.00 (above) is served with pate, mayonnaise (though we Vietnamese call it butter because it’s yellow, when actually it’s technically considered mayonnaise if you know how it’s made), BBQ chicken, pickled carrots, spring onion, coriander and the option to have fresh chillies included. I can’t handle my chilli unfortunately, so I tend to pass on that.

2013-04-06 Bun Bun bakery (2)

Now there are many other pretty decent banh mi thit at some of the other bakeries but in my opinion this is the best. I might actually start my own little quest for the best banh mi thit in Melbuorne actually, starting with Springvale first. But we shall see, after all I might need some help from friends to taste test with me and give me their opinions too, just to minimise researcher bias. If by any chance you happen to be in Springvale, I definitely recommend check this place out.

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