Eden Espresso

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Eden Espresso

It was one of those days after the my first shift of work where my colleague and I finally had spare 30mins of lunch together. There had been many times when we’d tried to have coffee during lunch but either she’d have her lunch an hour early or I would. That’s what you get for working unconventional shifts but I’m not necessarily complaining. I like working at odd hours during the day. It allows me to be more flexible with my time so I can do other things that can’t be done after work hours.2013-05-15 Eden Espresso (2)

We headed down to Eden Espresso on Glenferrie Rd for some coffee and a chat. The place was small but it was cosy and the idea of sitting down on a couch on a cold Melbourne Autumn day in front of these large glass wooden paneled doors was very appealing. There is no obviously menu to be seen anywhere and since we were only getting coffee they didn’t give us menu either. That’s fair enough. We both ordered our drinks and a dark chocolate and orange muffin to share. The muffin was very large. Technically you could probably and should probably share it between four people. It was that big. The top, sprinkled with sugar had a nice crispness to it. This particular muffin was the crumbly kind, which to be honest is not what I consider to be my ideal muffin. Well if we were to be really honest, when they said they had a dark chocolate and orange muffin, I was thinking of chocolate flavoured muffin with orange bits inside. So was just a little let down to see a spiced vanilla muffin with dark chocolate pieces and orange peel. The dark chocolate pieces themselves were the type you’d find in bakeries that mass order their dark chocolate chips. I know because my parents used to own one and these taste exactly like those or very similar to chocolate chips/discs you would find in the pre-ordered frozen chocolate croissants provided by Bella Pastry the wholesale pastries and food distributors. It’d be fair to say that apart from the delicious mocha, I was not exactly picking every bit of crumb from the muffin.2013-05-15 Eden Espresso (3)

But to leave food on your plate is a waste. I grew up in family where food was not always plentiful so it was almost considered a sin to waste food. To this day my mum would still try to eat everything that is served even though we no longer have that issue now and to the detriment to her health. Mind you she pre-diabetic if not diabetic. But old habits die hard and my mum who grew up in even harsher times than myself, cannot grasp the fact that things have changed now.  If you can’t eat it all, then don’t order it at all or at least take it home. Imagine the amount of resources that goes into producing that particular food and the number of people in the world who do not even have enough to eat. I’m rambling on a different topic right now, but I think you get the point. Food wastage is bad. Don’t waste food. If you cant eat it all, save it for later or add it to the compost.

2013-05-15 Eden Espresso (4)Okay back to Eden Espresso. It’d be safe to say that I would not try their muffins again, but I would like to come back one day to try their breakfast and lunch menu.

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