I’ve been getting really into Korean food lately. A while back, I remembered asking my aunt if there was any particular place she recommended. In less than a heart beat she said to me Kimchi Grandma.She told me that the food was great and that alone was enough to get her family coming back each time they wanted to eat Korean food. I love eating a variety of food and I’ve had my fair share of boring looking bibimbap in the past. At Kimchi Grandma, they are quite generous with their variety of toppings and it just all looked so delicious. It did not only look delicious, it tasted delicious as well.

2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (8) Bibimbap 15.00
Bibimbap [mixed rice with vegetables] $15.00
2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (16&18)

It is to this day my favourite place for Bibimbap.

2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (7)

The bibimbap was served with a small ball of miso soup similar to how you get served a bowl of clear broth when you order fried rice at Vietnamese or Chinese restaurants. Initially I was taken back at the larger than usual portion size of the bimbimbap, but that could explain the above average price for the dish if you exclude the location or suburb. It was still worth it I’d say.

2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (6)
Check out that feast of a spread!

I also The side dishes although were also very generous, didn’t taste fantastic. The kimchi and fish cake was okay, but the seaweed and pickled beansprout was a bit disappointing. My friend ordered the Den Jang Tchi Gae [fermented soybean paste and vegetable stew] (below)  $16.50 which tasted alright in her opinion, but like me she also preferred the bibimbap.

2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (10) Den Jang Tchi Gae 16.50

If there are no other Korean restaurants nearby that make a good or better bibimbap than this then, I’ll definitely be coming back. It’s only one station away from Monash University Caulfield and about a 7mins walk up Koornang Rd from Carnegie station.

2013-04-04 Kimchi Grandma (12 & 15)

And yes, I was that excited to see so many vegetables in the stone bowl. My friend thought it was amusing how happy I looked and starting taking photos.

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