Located on Brunswick St in Fitzroy, the Vegie Bar restuarant bar is set just on the busy outskirts of the Melbourne CBD. For a long time I have wanted to go to the Vegie bar. Unfortunately, none of my friends are interested in vegetarian dining, and the one person who is a vegetarian doesn’t like to eat out. This was one year ago. Now I’ve managed to find someone who shares the same penchance for brunches, lunches, teas, English period dramas and almost vegetarian dining like me.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (2)It was decided before we even ordered our mains that dessert was definitely going to be on the menu. One look at their display case and I was convinced. No looking back, that mud cake was mine. To balance the sweet finish I decided to choose something more healthy from the menu. Thought I was really tempted to order everything, since it all looked so good. There were lunch specials as well and the rissotto was tempting, but I was going to have cake and so I would have to compromise.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (3&4)

We decided to get some samosas $2.9 (below)  for an entree and that was really nice. I was quite surprised how nice they were. I’m often disappointed each time I have some, but these weren’t bad at all.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (6&7)

Recently I’ve put myself on a strict budgeting plan to help me get more out of what I currently make, so I’ve been reducing how often I eat out or at least planning these outings more carefully. But until I’ve tried them all and have tired myself of the idea of eating out then my food blogging quest is not done yet.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (8)

I ordered the Shae Fen Noodles $14.50 (above) because anything with a lot of vegetables always attracts my attention and my friend was the same, so she ended up with Vermicelli 13.5 (below). Although both dishes are different, they had very similar elements. When the food arrived, I questioned the serving size they gave up, but all that disappeared once I started to eat it. My stomach alas is not as big as I thought and by the end of it, I was getting quite full.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (9)

Despite how satisfyingly full we were from the meal, dessert was another story. Now this all goes against my ‘diet’ and healthy eating quest, but for the greater food blogging good I will eat dessert.

2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (10) 2013-06-27 Vegie Bar (11)

Both the unbaked berry cheesecake $7 (above) and chocolate mudcake were delicious. I’m  personally not a fan of plain unbaked cheesecake, so I preferred the mudcake much more. The mudcake was served warm with ice cream which was divine. I don’t remember how much the mudcake costs, but lets say probably around $7 as well.

2013-06-27  Brunswick walk (1)

After such a large lunch, my friend and I decided to go for a long walk to burn off of those extra calories. We came across this little stationary/home decor shop with a shaggy dog inside. There was a image of a shaggy dog on the door and I was not sure if the dog belonged to the owner of the shop or not. When my friend and I walked out the store, it looked like the dog was coming outside to see us off which was I thought was pretty cool.

2013-06-27  Brunswick walk (2)(some stationery products they were selling at the store, Brunswick St)

I enjoyed my time at the Vegie Bar. The staff were nice, food was good but to be honest its just a little bit far for me to travel to. I would probably like to try some of the other food on the menu next time I’m back, particularly those on the daily specials. Even though what I ordered was nice, I was choosing something in my comfort zone (i.e. something with heaps of vegetables). Having said that, it’s definitely a place I’d come back to eat for sure.

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