My friend told me this place had the most awesome fried chicken he’d ever tasted. I can’t say that I entirely agree, but I will give them credit for their marinades though. Whispers *nothing beats original recipe KFC chicken, and my aunty’s fried chicken* just saying. Accessing this  hidden little trove of wonderful Korean food is a little tricky. You either have to walk through the connecting Korean grocery or enter from the back via the car park. There are no flashy signs and little wooden dining tables and chairs are cramped together in the small dining space. It looks more like a Korean takeaway shop rather than a restaurant, but one must try not judge a restaurant by its interior.

2013-08-27 Meega (2)

To order fried chicken here, it’s often recommended that you call 20mins in advance so they can have time to prepare and cook it. This is especially important on busy nights. You can have the choice of either a large $26 (18-20 pieces/1kg) (above) or small $15 (9-10 pieces/1/2kg)  portion with up to two different flavours in either mild, medium or hot. The chicken pieces tasted alright (mainly because of the marinade/sauce), there was not real wow factor to them though.

2013-08-27 Meega (5&6)

Of course my Korean dining experience would not be complete with some stone pot bibimbap (above). I was quite happy with the variety of vegetables and elements to the dish, but there was not enough kochujang (chilli sauce) in the bowl.

2013-08-27 Meega (7)

Their topokki (above) a Meega special was different to any other topokki I’ve ever tried before. Do you see that weird dark tempura roll of some sort? That seaweed that’s wrapped around the potato starch noodles or the jap chae noodles, dipped in a light batter and deep fried. The dish contains a lot of different elements to prevent you from getting tired of eating just the rice cakes. I would come back just for the Meega special topokki. Forget the chicken.

2013-08-27 Meega (9)

Side dishes were pickled radishes and kimchi (above) and really addictive. I just kept wanting more, but was quite full with all the food that we ordered. My friend ended up taking the chicken home since we couldn’t finish it all. Overall, I’d definitely recommend this as a place to check out. If I ever get any topokki cravings, at least I’ll know where to go.

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