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I was not too impressed with Soora to be honest. Despite the fairly good reviews of the place about the food, neither the food nor the service left me feeling good at all. The only highlight of the evening was the good company I was with. If you didn’t know by now, but I really like Korean food. I don’t even mind Kimchi now. Usually I’d go to Carnegie, CBD or Clayton for Korean, but I wanted to hop out of this comfort dining zone of mine and try some other place. I’ve read some good reviews about Soora, a Korean restaurant near my work place, that I always drive past but never considered eating at. They never seem to be busy at all and that should have been my first warning alarm. But despite that, I still wanted to give them a try.

2013-08-09 Soora (6&9)

Sad to say I was really disappointed with everything about this place, both the food and service. Our food was served to us after a large group had walked in, ordered and had their food served first. We didn’t get any dipping sauce with our seafood pancake $12.90 (above) entree until requested and no side dishes were provided at all until we requested for it after all our meals were served. If it had been an honest mistake and they’d forgotten about it, then I would have been okay but it was quite obvious that other tables were being served side dishes on the get go and my friend and I were feeling left out.

2013-08-09 Soora (8)I ordered the the hot pot chicken teriyaki bibimbap $12.90 (above) which looked great but tasted bland. Again I was not given any of the chilli sauce, until I had requested it.

2013-08-09 Soora (7)

Despite being a meat dish the beef bulgolgi $14.90 (above) +rice 2.5 had more vegetables than meat. The flavouring was okay, but he felt a little cheated out of portion sizing.

I think Soora has the potential to be a good restaurant, if they treated their customers better or fairly and not discriminate between their customers (which was how I felt that evening). Servicing could definitely could be improved on since I had to ask for a lot of things they apparently forgot about, even though it was not busy and we were sitting right near the counter. Overall, I was not impressed one bit which was really a shame because I was looking forward to it. The verdict? A place not to eat…at least until they pick up on the food and service.

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