At about the same time David Jones opened their new store in Malvern Central shopping centre a new Capital Kitchen was born as well. This cafe is located by the escalators on Level 3 just in front of David Jones. Its smart positioning attracts many customers, mainly women who are looking for a nice place to sit down after some shopping to enjoy a cup of coffee and a toasted sandwich…and perhaps the occasional sweet treat too.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (8)

Capital Kitchen offers only ready to eat food with an array of pre-made sandwiches, rolls, salads and cakes to have in or take away. They decent selection of foods to choose from but premise is more about the experience with food as an added accessory. You would not necessarily come here for the food. Coffee yes, cakes yes/maybe, food…well if you’re hungry.


2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (11)

Nothing here is too expensive and good to have on the go if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (9)   2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (12)

Staff comprises mainly of university students (not wrong here) who are in a little over their heads at the business of the place considering its only been opened for a few weeks. Give it a couple of months and things should settle down a bit, once the hype has died down a little. Staff are all smiles whre they can and service is friendly.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (16)

The quinoa salad $10.00 (above) was nice, but my friend was a little disappointed that it was served in a plastic container. It tasted okay, but felt that it was lacking some variety.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (15)

Raspberry Cheesecake brownie $2.50 (above). Nice little portion size and great fix for a sweet craving.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (18)

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (19)

The toasted chicken and avocado sandwich (on multigrain bread) $12.50 (above) was only so so. The bread was a bit hard, and the sandwich a tad bland. There was too much mayo and even though it looked great and I was really looking forward to it, it left me feeling a bit flat.

2013-09-18 Capital Kitchen (14)

Chocolate and fig torte $5.00 (above). Again, it looked better than it tasted. The chocolate ganache wasn’t creamy, the cake itself was a bit dry, it reminded me of a dry fruit cake. I expected more. I was expecting a burst of flavour somewhere. Maybe its not my type of cake, but whether it is or not I found it difficult to finish the cake and in the end I didn’t.

Look, I won’t exactly be overly excited to come back here any time soon to eat, however if their cakes look tempting enough I may opt to try some of their other sweets on display. It’s a maybe for me.

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