I had hot pot at Crazy Wings the other night with some friends. Given that it was a fairly cheap meal (brownie points for that), it was just so disappointing in so many ways that the chances of me ever coming back to this place is basically zero. I hate to say this but the customer service at Crazy Wings is basically non existent. Repeated requests for sauces and other small side servings fell on deaf ears with a nod as the only indication that our waitress even heard what we were saying. We did eventually get everything we asked for, but only after asking for it constantly to remind them.

2013-09-17 Crazy Wings (2)

We ordered two hotpot servings, but only one pot to cook it altogether since two pots might over crowd the table.

2013-09-17 Crazy Wings (3)

The hot pot calculated to be $11 per serving. For one hot pot (two servings) you have two plates of beef and a large plate of vegetables (mainly cabbage, mushrooms, bean curd and tofu) an egg and some vermicelli noodles. It was good they they had two different flavoured broths, but neither of them were nice.

2013-09-17 Crazy Wings (5)

Next up were some lamb skewers $1.50 each which taste okay. I’m not a fan of lamb meat, so tasted a bit and handed the rest to one of my friends.

2013-09-17 Crazy Wings (7) 2013-09-17 Crazy Wings (8)

The last thing we ordered were chicken wings which were $2.00 each (sorry no, I don’t have any pictures). Buy one get one free deal so for $2.00 you get two chicken wings per person in a set of skewers. This was probably the highlight of the night (minus the brownie points they get just for serving vegetables).

For less than $15.00 per person for a meal that was filling I give Crazy Wings some credit for the quantity of food served. I would however, rather pay an extra dollar or two for something a lot better than spend less on food that I didn’t enjoy. Definitely not a place you’ll catch me eating at again.

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