You can discover many interesting places when you decide to aimlessly wander outside of your comfort zone. Only 5-10 into my little wandering about did I discover a handful of nice little cafes to possibly venture into. One of these were Servery and Spoon. This little breakfast/lunch cafe sits in Glen Waverly Rd not far from Monash University Caulfield. No more than a five minutes walk from the university, a little exercise really helps work up an appetite for some delicious food.

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Servery & Spoon serves up a variety of breakfast options from your usual muesli and fruit yoghurt mixes to an interesting range of eggs on sourdough toast, meat laden options and salads for the health conscience.

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Near their counter are an array of sweet cakes and grain breads to choose from, alongside some pre-made sandwiches and deli rolls to take on the go if you’re short on time.

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On the outside, Servery & Spoon appears to be your normal cafe, until you realise that the shop next to it selling breads, diary and some deli meats is actually apart of the establishment as well.

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What appears to be a small dining area having just stepped in, further down there is an extension at the back that allows more room to seat at least another two dozen people.

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The down to Earth country like vibe of the place is further accentuated by the pastel coloured metal chairs, wooden tables and plant pots used to hold the cutlery and napkins.

This is my kind of dining.

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The food was very nice. The smoked salmon and sweet corn blinis $18.50 (above) were very nice, just the right thing I needed that morning. The creaminess of the avocado and savoury corn blinis helped balanced the mild array of textures and flavours. Portion sizing was just right, but if you are in search of a big hearty breakfast then I would suggest trying something else on the menu.

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The Dukkah crusted eggs $15.50 (above) surprised me when I was cutting into it. I had no idea how runny the yolk was inside and squirted most of the yolk onto the table. ūüôĀ Whatever did remain was delicious. The sourdough was okay, it was a bit hard to cut through (overly toasted I’m guessing) and slightly too salty, however the egg yolk helped balance out the saltiness a bit.

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Coffee was okay. I ordered a flat white $3.50 (below) and it came out just warm instead of just hot or warm-hot.¬†The coffee had a very milky and had a very subtle taste, which is good for those who don’t like their coffee strong, however I prefer my¬†coffee¬† to have a more distinct flavour and strong aroma. It wasn’t what I was expecting and I was slightly let down, considering the food was quite nice.

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The cake display although very cute and great sugar eye candy are not appealing enough for me to want to buy them, espcially¬†the cost $4-6 for the portion given (perhaps they’re served with cream or ice cream, who knows). I do a lot of baking myself so something along these lines don’t appeal to me very much, especially when there are much better places to buy desserts out there. I’m sure that they taste fine though.

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The food at¬†Servery & Spoon is moderately priced but worth the amount you pay for, when you consider the atmosphere and everything else.There are a few other options on the menu I’d like to try, so having said that I would definitely come back again sometime. I might skip the coffee next time though.

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