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People at work keep telling me that the food at Sugo is really nice and that I should really try it. I’m surprised that I didn’t take their recommendation to come here sooner because when we went to Sugo for my boss’s 60th birthday dinner celebrations, I was thoroughly impressed with the food they were serving up. Everything looked, smelled and tasted fantastic. And believe me, after that night I was definitely keen on coming back during lunch time to try some of their other food considering they are located just opposite to where I work.

2013-09-26 Sugo (2)

2013-09-26 Sugo (5)

Some chips to start the evening. The chips were very crispy and didn’t have that oily feeling.

2013-09-26 Sugo (6)Fresh basil, garlic and mozarella pizza

2013-09-26 Sugo (7)Char grilled vegetables, ricotta cheese, garlic, lemon & basil pizza

2013-09-26 Sugo (8)A slice of the spice roasted pumpkin, spinach & caramelised onion pizza. I was very impressed by Sugo’s pizzas. The crust was nice and thin, crisp and everything about it was deicious.

2013-09-26 Sugo (9)Chicken and beetroot salad (with extra cucumbers)

2013-09-26 Sugo (10)Warm chicken and bacon salad with avocado, parmesan, croutons, lavender mustard & balsamic dressing.

2013-09-26 Sugo (11)Salad: Roast pumpkin, field mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives, goats cheese, rocket & balsamic dressing 

2013-09-26 Sugo (12)Salad: Rocket leaves with avocado, semi dried tomatoes, fetta cheese, balsamic, lemon & olive oil (with added chicken)

2013-09-26 Sugo (13)Baked in the oven: Roasted pumpkin, ricotta & spinach canelloni with creamy tomato sauce & a crunchy parmesan crust  

2013-09-26 Sugo (16)

And finally for dessert we had some sort of chocolatey mousse cake from Chef Momo down on Station St, Malvern. I must check out this cake shop when I get the chance.

There were lots of other food being ordered around the table. The waft of smells coming from all the different risottos, pastas and gnocchi were absolutely intoxicating. I tried some of the pumpkin gnocchi and some of my other colleague’s canelloni and it was all just so good. Just writing about this now makes me want to go back.

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