Teppankai Teppanyaki edition

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Teppankai Teppanyaki edition

So coming here once was not enough [See my first Teppankai blog post here], I had to make an advanced booking the week before to come again. This time though with a groupon coupon for a 13-course Teppanyaki dining experience. My last Groupon teppanyaki experience though much cheaper left me feeling a bit ambivalent on the whole teppanyaki dining experience. The food just wasn’t up to par even though it was a fun experience. After speaking to our chef for the afternoon (who used to work at Tokyo Teppanyaki), he explained that the focus between that restaurant and here were quite different. Teppankai chefs will certainly still entertain you, but the focus will be more on the food and its presentation.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (2&4)

Some white wine to start the banquet.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (6)Course 1. Kobachi appetiser: blanched spinach and thinly sliced mushrooms served with a light sweet sesame soy dressing.

It was light, refreshing and delicious. I thought the soy dressing would overpower the spinach but that wasn’t the  case here.

Course 2. Miso soup (not featured here): well flavoured, not too mild or overly salty.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (7b)

Course 3. Edamane (young soy bean, boiled/steamed and served with salt)

This was my first time eating edamane. My friend showed me how to eat them, and I was instantly hooked. They were so yummy.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (8a)

Course 4. Fatty sashimi (served with radish/daikon, soy sauce and wasabi) 

Course 5. Spicy fish tempura rolls (deep fried salmon maki in a light tempura batter served on lettuce, thinly sliced dried chilli and Japanese mayonnaise)

Both of these were amazing. I’m not a hug fan of sashimi but must admit it tasted really nice. It wasn’t ‘stringy’ probably because of the fatty cut. The spicy fish tempura roll was as amazing as the first time I tried it last week. My friend really liked both the sashimi and tempura roll.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (9a)

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (9b)

Course 6. Yakitori skewers: perfect size portions, lovely marinade and sauce. Squeezing a bit of the lemon juice added another dimension of flavour to the chicken.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (10a)
Our teppanyaki cheft making the vegetable garlic fried rice. With 24 years of experience, just look at those expert hands doing their work. Gosh that’s a lot of dedication to cooking good food.
2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (11)

Course 7. Garlic and vegetable fried rice.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (12)Course 8. 9. and 10. Atlantic salmon, prawn and scallop on the teppanyaki grill.

Again undeniably good. The edges of the salmon was just slightly over done, but it’s difficult to even cook it when the thickness of the fish cut varies like it. Towards the centre though it was perfect.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (13b)
The finished product.
2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (14bcd)

Complimentary taster: Kani maki in the making.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (16b)

The finished kani maki product (a crap meat maki concoction wrapped in barramundi, which is then covered and aoili and blow torched to death, haha no I’m just kidding) topped with tobiko (fish roe) and pickled garnish.

I was behaving like a little school girl at the prospect of being able to try this signature dish of theirs. I could hardly contain myself and my friend along with the chef was quite amused by the excited happy bubble I was in.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (17)
2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (17ab)Course 11. Teppan vegetables (potato and zuchini)

Course 12. Beef eye fillet

Good portion size and beef cooked to our liking. What can I say except that I was getting quite full by this stage.

2013-09-13 Teppankai teppanyaki edition (18b)

Course 13 (final). Green tea ice cream served with red bean paste (and a strawberry) was a great way to finish the 13 course Japanese banquet. Matcha ice cream with the red bean paste of two of my favourite things and the strawberry helped balanced out the sweetness of it all.Other things included in the banquet were either a choice between a pot of Japanese green tea or a small bottle of house sake. I chose sake of course, served warm. It was probably a little too early to be drinking at this time of day, but that my friends really hit the spot for me after all that food. I was in such a dangerously happy mood after all this…

During our dining experience, I had the pleasure of meeting meeting Richard Tan (the owner of the restaurant) who was friendly and very accommodating to any of our needs or questions we asked. Occasionally you’ll see him on the front line of servicing customers, assisting staff on the dining floor occasionally stepping in to make sure we were happy with everything. The restaurant has been opened now for approximately 7 months and has great potential to become a very popular place to eat at. Teppankai has quickly grown to be one of my favourite places to eat at. There are so many more dishes I’d like to try and having said that, I will definitely be coming back again. Next time I’m back, it’d be for a dinner session review. Hmm my birthday is coming up soon….

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