Uzu take two

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Uzu take two

In my first Uzu post [here], I was raving on about how good their sushi were and still have no regrets about it. This time around I wanted to try some of their mains instead. Unfortunately, I should have just stuck with ordering sushi and entrees, because I was sorely disappointed. The times I decide to step out of my comfort zone and order something which has a high risk of leaving me dissatisfied, are the times where I should listen to my foodie gut conscious.

2013-09-12 Uzu (3&4)

And I was not wrong. I ordered the Tofu Katsu Don $8.00 (above) (battered fried tofu with mixed vegetables) and was sorely disappointed. The tofu part of the dish was was great, but there was where it stopped at. The rest of the bowl was lacking in vegetables, had too much sauce and too much rice.

2013-09-12 Uzu (6)

I coincidentally bumped into a class mate, while I was waiting for my order and so we ended up eating together. He ordered the gyoza $5.50 (above) which were quite nice.The gyoza wrapper wasn’t too thick and the meat filling was just right, that it didn’t need to be dipped in the vinegar soy sauce.

2013-09-12 Uzu (7&8)

My friend also ordered the  Japanese pork curry $9.00 (above) which he found was a bit heavy on the spice and a bit mild on the flavour side. Judging from the expression from his face, it was clear that it wasn’t as he had expected, and the final verdict he gave was that it was not something he’d recommend to other people.  I wouldn’t recommend the Tofu katsu don to anyone either.

Uzu is definitely a place to go to for the sushi and entrees, but the mains are a bit of a hit and miss. It’s no surprise to me that not everything will taste great and having said, I would still come back and recommend it as a place to eat as long as you order you know what tastes good.

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  1. Sad to hear ☺️should try over easy!!

    • I am slowly making my rounds, but I’ve been quite busy lately.