Little Ramen Bar is the first decent ramen restaurant I’ve eaten at so far. After a little extensive ramen research at a few different places (Ajisen ramen: just horrible, Jyu Jyu: alright because it’s cheap and Kaneda Sushi: ramen that looks like what Naruto eats.), I would have to say that Little Ramen Bar for me currently stands in first place, while Kaneda Sushi in second place. What can I say except for that I was not one bit disappointed. In contrast to previous ramen tastings where things felt something was lacking, Little Ramen Bar provides a mean punch in the face with their richly flavoured broths, chewy thick ramen noodles and delicious toppings.

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If there was every anything missing from their standard ramen options, there’s always a choice to add extra toppings of your choice from more pork slices, a soft boiled egg, corn, bean sprouts, roasted seaweed or even¬† butter!

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Tan Tan Men: spicy minced pork with chili rich broth.

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Chasu tamago ramen with rich miso broth: Essentially tonkotsu ramen with BBQ pork, soft boiled egg, bamboo shoots and seaweed.

It was interesting how as the broth cooled down, it tasted even better. The longer we took to eat it, the more delicious it tasted. I almost contemplated finishing the entire bowl including the soup, but was getting quite full at this stage. The other thing that surprised me was the serving size. I expected a medium dish, but instead the ramen were served in these large bowls.

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You are definitely getting your money’s value here. My only advice to future patrons is that if you want to comfortably site and dine at this little restaurant, I suggest you head over early before peak hour hits or you’ll find yourself lining up outside. If there was any comfort in waiting outside, just know that at least the line won’t be as not long as the one for Shanghai dumpling village just two shops down.

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