I’m sitting here in this humble joint writing this as I sip on a hot cup of coffee. A flat white. Its my coffee of choice, a nice expresso blend with milk, no foam. And it’s strong, just how I like it. It was getting colder outside. With gloomy skies and a forecast of rain in the early afternoon, it started to rain just as soon as I walked in this cafe. Platform 3, the new imaginary non existent platform of Carnegie station. A cafe that welcomes you humbly from the dreary outdoors.

2013-10-10 Platform 3 (3)

Illuminated by these warm lights encased in a metal shopping baskets dark wooden chairs, familiar smells from the kitchen wafts through the air.

2013-10-10 Platform 3 (2)  2013-10-10 Platform 3 (5) 2013-10-10 Platform 3 (9)

Salmon Florentine: Poached eggs on English muffins, sautéed spinach, salmon and grilled asparagus topped with hollandaise sauce and extra chorizo.

This breakfast although looks semi delicate was very filling. Everything tasted so good together. If you were able to get a bit of everything into one mouthful, all the flavours just melted in your mouth. The asparagus was cooked really well, it was seasoned perfectly and still had a good bite to it.

2013-10-10 Platform 3 (11)

Mini calamari burger served in a mini French brioche bun with cucumber, lettuce, tartar sauce and a side of garden salad. I wasn’t sure what to expect when this came out but all I can say that it was delicious. Calamari always seem to be a hit or miss for me because they easily get rubbery, but this mini burger was just what I needed. The pickles added some zest while the calamari and mayonnaise just melted away with the sweet bun which reminded me of a fancier and tastier version of Mac Donald’s bread buns.

This place is the type of cafe that’s hidden away but right in your face at the same time. I don’t know how often I’ve rode the train past this place, but today I’m glad to have made the stop at Platform 3.

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