When you hang out with friends who often have no idea where they want to eat, the responsibility of picking out a place usually lands to me the picky foodie. When I found out that no one in the group had ever had a sushi train experience here before, I knew exactly what to do. We were going to head to Sakura Kaiten Sushi for our first Melbourne sushi train experience together. Excited by the idea of actually going to a place which may as well be a Japanese version yum cha I made sure my camera to charge my camera up real good.

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (2)

Just to be certain that there was going to be a table for us to sit, I called up the place a couple of days earlier to make a booking on the Friday evening. It was a good thing I did. Once we got there, the place was completely full except for the table that was reserved for us. The premise was smaller than I had expected it to be, but then I don’t know what I expected to be honest.

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (5)

Each time a customer walked out after their meal you can hear all the chefs yell out ‘Thank you!”.

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (7)

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (12)

Now if you can overlook the more common food items such as maki rolls, Sakura Kaiten Sushi offers a massive variety of delicious bite sized options to try. A great way to sample a lot of Japanese food in a short space of time. Most if not all the plates are seafood based, so if you’re not a fan of seafood then I suggest you walk out right now. But for every other person who is swayed by seafood porn of the Japanese variety, then you won’t be disappointed. *Drum roll please*

Between the four of us we devoured up to 25 plates of food, but since I was too busy eating I did not have the chance to take pictures of everything. I did however managed to take 21 pictures of the 25 plates we had all up. Not a bad effort if I don’t say so myself.

Food will be rated  from not so good to delicious as follows

Not so great: would not try again

So-so: it was okay, but I’ve had better

Nice: good, tasted as expected

Very nice: fresh, nicely presented, flavoursome

Delicious: would definitely eat this again, maybe have another serving or two

Round 1

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (13-18)

1. Takoyaki: Delicious, still warm and fresh.

2. Prawn mince balls: Very nice! Reminded me of crab claws but a prawn version, very yummy.

3. Chilli Prawns: Delicious!

4. Tempura prawn maki: They tasted good, but maki is maki.

5. Dumplings: Not so great. Looks like Chinese wonton, but not as nice.

6. Salmon flower with ikura: Nice.

Round 2

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (20)

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (21-26)

7. Chicken soba noodle salad: It was nice, I liked it.

8. Teriyaki chicken: Nice but slightly salty.

9. Teriyaki salmon roll: Very nice, but the cheesy center ruined it a bit.

10. Tuna tempura maki roll: Not so great, it was okay (Teppankai’s spicy fish tempura rolls trumps this any day).

11. Salmon sashimi: Nice.

12. Tuna flower with tobiko: Very nice.

Round 3

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (34a)

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (28-33)

13. Red bean paste with mochi jelly: Not so great, was actually disappointing. It was cold, slightly chewy but not quite because it was jelly like.

14. Duck spring roll: Very nice!

15. Yakitori chicken skewers: Nice but again slightly salty.

16. Handmade steamed dumplings with spinach skin: Not so great, again like the wonton but not quite there yet.

17. Grilled tuna nigiri: Very nice.

18. Beef tataki: Very nice, like eating a mini pieces of steak slices rare.

Round 4

2013-09-20 Sakura Kaiten Sushi (35-37)

19. Salmon skin salad: Very nice, wasn’t expecting much from the salad to be honest.

20. Buttered fish: Nice, a bit over cooked.

21. Chocolate banana crepe with strawberries: Nice, generous serving of banana, but overall portion is just too small.

The only thing disappointing about this place was that for the amount you have to pay for certain plates you only get two bite sized portions, which for sashimi is somewhat understandable but I was expecting just a little bit more with the maki sushi. Apart from the disproportionate serving sizes for some of the plates, it was a fun experience and it definitely falls into the category of places to eat.

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