I can see why¬† Spilt Milk tends to be easily overlooked as it is not located in the hubbub of restaurants and shops that is Kimchi Grandma and Shyun. But despite its unfortunate location, Spilt Milk has lots to offer its wandering foodies like myself. This striking little cafe joint is located just around the Koornang Rd onto Neerim Rd in Carnegie. The humble cafe has a few little light globes to illuminate the small little space but you’d be forgiven to even think they would need lights since the entire cafe is flooded with so much natural light. Just check out that glare. I love how the counter looks though. So many little bits and pieces everything all so neatly placed.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (2)

Spilt Milk serves up some of the cutely named meals on their menu. Everything is named after an animal which is interpreted into the dish either physically or abstractly. Saying that you wanted to order a Monkey, Rhino or Toucan would probably just bring a smile to just about anyone’s face especially when you’re not expecting to hear it.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (5, 6, 3)

After a little deliberating we ended up with Frog, Sheep and Chicken, but I’ve just about lost you haven’t I? As you can obviously see, there is no exotic animals on the dining table.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (10)

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (14)

Just a candid shot of your truly. I didn’t realise my friend was shooting me until much later.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (9)

Sheep: Baked eggs served in a pan with sundried tomatoes, fresh spinach fetta served with sourdough bread, chilli jam and butter on the side. Cute serving size, not too much and full of good flavour. The chilli jam was something new for me. It almost tasted like sweet chilli sauce but in jelly form. A great combination of flavours and the bread was not toasted rock hard which is always a good thing.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (8)

Frog: Scrambled eggs with smashed avocado, pesto, fresh spinach, fetta and green beans on seeded, toasted slice of bread loaf. This was a beautifully presented dish. The flowers was a nice surprise and entirely edible. It had a nice mild taste with the occasional punch of flavour from the fetta cheese and seasoned green beans. I love the amount of green I was seeing.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (7)

Chicken: Penne pasta with chicken, pesto, mushrooms, green beans, onion, fetta, fresh spinach, garlic and cranberries. Now I don’t think I remember seeing cranberries when I was eating at all. This is probably one of the less creatively named meals but there was a lot of little elements to the pasta which made it quite nice. The pasta had a good bite to it, and was just oily enough but not too much that it’d be overkill. There were generous amounts of the vegetables to balance the pasta out which was good. Often or not you’d end up with a pasta dish that would just all be pasta and you wonder where the rest of it went.

2013-10-15 Spilt milk (16)

The staff were quite friendly and curious to what this Asian girl was doing taking snapshots from every angle of their cafe. I suppose if you find someone busy taking photos instead of eating, you’d be wondering what was going on as well. Overall, I would love to come back here. Staff is friendly, food is cheap and the place is just divine to sit back and just hang out. The atmosphere is lovely and cosy which is just what I was looking for on this day.

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