Two birds in one stone indeed. Brunch at Two Birds One Stone and then desserts at Zumbo patisserie just next door. Or perhaps three birds in one stone, because if going to Zumbo’s wasn’t enough, my friend and I troddled down to Tivoli Rd Bakery as well. So I’ve split the day up into two posts (One for the brunch, while part two will entail my sweet little adventure). Heck I probably could split the Zumbo post into two, but I wouldn’t do that to you guys. First official stop of the morning today was Two Birds One Stone, a popular little cafe eatery I’ve heard great reviews on.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (3)

I have read some mixed reviews about the customer service at Two Birds One Stone. They are very quick with service in their own almost abrupt but attentive way. When you step inside, the place is just bustling with activity though. The atmosphere of the cafe reminds me of The Grain Store but with not as many plants and less room.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (4,5)

What struck me most obviously were the high tables and stools along with the high section/room dividers. It was good that my friend and I were seated in a little booth partially hidden away from the front windows, so that we’d have some room for private conversation.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (7)

Staff served us immediately, almost prematurely. No coffees today, because of what was to come. Next thing you know it the menu magically appears and it suddenly feels that we were being watched to make our decisions on what to eat in a timely matter.

The names of the food we ordered may not be labelled as accurately as I would have liked mainly because I was too engrossed with the conversation with my friend to remember taking any notes, so all this is from my memory.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (9)

Ham hocked baked beans with goats curd and herb. Suprisingly despite its misleading reddish colour, there was not much of a tomato taste. Instead it was replaced with this somewhat smokey flavour. I didn’t know what to expect when I took a bite of one of the creamy little balls. Goat’s curd? Never had it before, but it certainly added a new dimension of flavour to the dish overall, otherwise it would have been rather plain to be honest.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (10)

Potato and Leek Rosti topped with some smoked salmon, a poached egg with a herb salad side and a light vinegar oil dressing. The rosti was actually a lot larger than I expected, but that’s nothing to complain about. Salmon tasted quite fine¬† while the herb salad packed quite the punch.

2013-10-17 Two birds one stone (11)Despite the hype about this place, I wasn’t exactly head over heels about it. There wasn’t necessarily anything bad about the food. The food was alright, though slightly overpriced. Customer service was prompt and polite there was this slight feeling of being forgotten once everything was paid for and done. It was just, a bit of a let down in the end I suppose.¬† Perhaps one day I’d give it another go, but for the time being I’ll just keep wandering.

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