Burch Purchese Sweet Studio (BP Sweet Studio) is a fairly popular patisserie, located in the heart of South Yarra on Chapel St. The Sweet Studio has earned much praise from loyal customers all round with their creative deconstructed desserts and range of treats on offer at the little store. I was really excited to come and here and expected so much. I must admit I was slightly let down for some reason and it wasn’t the service or selection of dessert available. It may have had something to do with my amazing experience at Zumbo’s the other week so when I finally was able to come to BP, the experience just wasn’t as flash.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (1)

The place was just a little smaller than I expected but had a nice general store look to it. The decorations were lavish and all edible.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (8)

I loved the chocolate terranium bowl.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (7)

The deconstructed desserts were unique and everything else was just so tempting. Ah…first world problems…

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (3)

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (6)

 It’s a pity the place does not have proper tables and chairs to sit down and enjoy the desserts. I guess the little white stools outside would just have to make do. At least spoons were provided and the staff were very helpful, friendly and most importantly patient with us. They gave us time to absorb and ponder on our decisions because they understood that it’s not an easy feat to choose only one dessert to try out of so many delightful options.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (2b)

While we were looking about the girls gave my friend and I some raspberry jam and butter on bread samples to try and later on broken pieces of chocolate bark.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (10)

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (13a)

In the end, this is what we ended up choosing. I wanted more, but my waist said no.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (13bc)

Chocolate, mandarin, salted caramel
dark chocolate mousse, Murray River salted caramel, burnt mandarin cream, St Clements marmalade, aerated chocolate shortbread, chocolate mirror glaze (aka, shiny chocolate ganache).

Very fancy list of high quality ingredients and components indeed.

The Chocolate, mandarin and salted caramel cake was very nice. The mandarin cream had a nice fragrance about it which went well with the sweet caramel. I though the mandarin decoration was dried fruit and still very soft. I thought it was freeze dried, so that was a pleasant texture surprise. Everything was so smooth and the flavours just blended in so nicely. I even started making audible mhmm noises.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (14a)

Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate (deconstructed dessert tube):
Raspberry and milk chocolate mousse, raspberry custard, raspberry compote, explosive milk chocolate chip cookie crumb, exaggerated raspberry cream, raspberry marshmallow, milk chocolate mirror glaze.

Wow what a mouthful

The raspberry tube dessert started off nice with the chocolate glaze, crumb and marshmallow layers until it got down to the raspberry compote. The compote was more tart than I would have preferred and both my friend and I couldn’t finish it because it was that sour. We tried to balance the flavours out by having some of it with the mousse down at the base but in the end gave up on the impossible feat.

If I had to choose between the two, the mandarin chocolate dessert would clearly be the winner. However there were many other deconstructed desserts which looked amazing, so I’d love to give those a try before giving up on these sweet little tubes.

2013-10-18 Burch & Purchese (9a)

Burch Purchese chocolate canvas art. Extremely creative.

I would love to come back here again on another day, just to try some of their other desserts and especially give one of their other deconstructed tubes another chance.

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