Heirloom exudes a sleek modern industrial interior with its concrete slab walls and high open ceiling. Large canvases of Japanese inspired art are displayed along the wall while kusudama balls are placed on the tables as centre pieces. The restaurant has a slightly classy but quiet feel to it. Unlike the hustle of other nearby restaurants such as Chin Chin or Mamasita. There is a central bar for drinks and in the far rear end is a kitchen bar where you can choose to dine while watching the chefs work their culinary magic.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (4-5)

The evening started off well until we were informed that we would have to pay for 13 people when instead of 11 because we had not told them early enough that two people would not be able to make the evening.  We dined on their sharing menu banquet of $65 per person, which would now come to $76.80 because of their restaurant policy. The dining staff were in general very friendly, though I would have appreciated that they had given my friend a heads on on their policy instead of telling her about it at the last minute. And this lingered throughout the evening, slightly ruining the mood a little here and there.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (6)

Heirloom Sharing Menu

2013-10-26 Heirloom (8)Sashimi: Chef’s selection of sashimi.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (10)Crispy Chicken: light crisp batter with sweet and sour sauce, dukka

These tender little morsels chicken were delicious and even better with the sweet and sour sauce. One of my favourites of the evening after the mushrooms.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (11)Potato Dango: Roquefort blue cheese, saikyo miso cream

Essentially little crispy cubes of melts in your mouth soft potato. These tasted pretty amazing and considering it was not something I’ve ever had before made it even better.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (12)Kataifi Prawn: served with yuzu aioli

2013-10-26 Heirloom (13)Slow cooked duck with braised daikon, sesame and anchovy granola

An interesting combination of textures and flavours confused me at first but worked really well at the end. With this particular dish, it was recommended that you dip the duck in the sauce first and then roll it in the granola. The duck was tender and not overcooked at all.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (14)Angus Beef Sirloin served with miso hollandaise sauce and Japanese mushrooms.

This was one of my favourite dish of the night and not for the beef but for the mushrooms. The mushrooms were sauteed in their own little sauce and when mixed with a bit of the hollandaise  sauce was simply divine. I was literally addicted to the mushrooms.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (15)Tempura Moriawase: Assortment of prawn, fish, eel and seasonal vegetable tempura.

By the time they served this up, I was getting quite full so it was difficult to manage much more to eat. Tempura in general is fairly easy to get right, so as long as it was still warm/hot and crispy and not oily or soggy, it was nice. And it was nice.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (16)

Coconut Blanc-Manger: strawberry, watermelon, balsamic mango and verjus granita

This creamy pudding like coconut dessert was just what I needed to finish the dinner off with. The blancmange had almost a custard/pudding like consistency similar to a those sweet Asian tofu desserts.

2013-10-26 Heirloom (1)

Good atmosphere, good food, different food and good service minus the hiccup with the restaurant booking policy. It is slightly on the pricier side and as with most restaurants, good to check out once when trying something new.

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