It’s no wonder that my friend frequents this cafe for lunch and coffee from time to time. Jellystone is no more than a block away from work and they serve a decent feed. This little cafe with its dark stone walls looks even more gloomy on a rainy day. Unfortunately with the horrible weather outside, there wasn’t much use taking any photos of the place. As you step inside the place is even darker but it feels somewhat cosy if you happen to be seated near a source of light.

Both my friend and I ordered the mushroom medley which was one of the specials of the day and I must say that it tasted great.

2013-11-12 Jellystone Sauteed mushroom medley, button, swisse brown, enoki mushrooms, garlic and soft herbs, fetta cream on seeded toastSauteed mushroom medley: button, swisse brown, enoki mushrooms, garlic and soft herbs and feta cream on seeded toast

The flavours from the mushroom with the herb salad tasted great and the seed toast provided a nice change in texture. I also ordered a side salad of roasted carrots which I was hoping to help buffer out the flavour and balance the meal up a bit, but the carrot salad in itself was packed full of flavour on its own so it was difficult to calm my taste buds down.

2013-11-12 Jellystone roasted carrot saladRoasted carrot salad

I would have preferred something a little more plain tasting to be honest, but I suppose my choice in combining the two was my own mistake. I should have asked first. Don’t get me wrong, both were delicious however it was just too overpowering and I needed something milder. Water was my only saviour and I drank copious amounts of it.

2013-11-12 Jellystone counter

Considering how close it is to where I will be working as a locum too, I will definitely be giving Jellystone another try.
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