In the conquest to continue searching for some good ramen, I decided to check out Ramen Ya the day before my birthday. When I want to Little Ramen Bar a few weeks back with one of my other friends, he said that he’d prefer Ramen Ya so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll have to admit, it was a little tricky trying to find the place. I was standing in front of the cafe at the end for quite sometime before decided to talk a walk through to the end to find Ramen Ya, hidden to the side.

2013-11-08 Ramen Ya (3)

It was much smaller than I had anticipated on the inside, but at least it was able to seat a lot more people than Little Ramen Bar. Compared to Little Ramen Bar though, I actually prefer their small cosy seating arrangement better.

2013-11-08 Ramen Ya (4)

I ordered the Tonkotsu broth Charsu ramen Set which comes with a choice of either three pieces of gyoza or salad, served with a hot cup of tea. My friend also ordered a side of kimchi as well. I must admit I was slightly disappointed that the egg that arrived with the ramen was hard boiled. I love a good soft boiled egg and how it oozes and mixes in with the broth. The broth in this case was  quite flavoursome but a bit on the plain salty side. The pork was a bit stringy and the rest of the other toppings passable.

2013-11-08 Ramen Ya (6)

The gyoza on the other hand were delicious, though it would have been even more so had they not already poured a bit of dipping sauce over them. Most of the time dumplings and gyoza have plenty of flavour on their own, and in my opinion dipping in a dumpling vinegar sauce is such a waste.

2013-11-08 Ramen Ya (7)

If I were to be perfectly honest, I would probably go to Little Ramen Bar if I needed a good ramen fix. Perhaps Ramen Ya does it better for some people but it just doesn’t quite hit the right spot for me in general. I would more than likely come back for the dumplings funnily enough.

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