If you’re looking for delicious waffles without all its fancy extras (like its ice cream and chocolate sauce cousins) then look no further than Waffee Waffles and Coffee. I happened per chance to stumble across this new little waffle shop only a couple of days after opening and I can definitely say that they’re doing things right. At Waffee, waffles are served like your donuts, in a range of delicious flavours, affordable, easy to eat on the go and even with a cup of coffee if that’s how you’d prefer it. Neatly handed to you in a little paper bag, there are no forks to be had when eating a waffle from Waffee.

2013-11-08 Waffee (4b)

Two brothers ignited by their passion for Waffles went to Belgium to learn how to make authentic Belgium waffles without all the frills. Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to pay more than $5.00 for just one waffle, sometimes a girl only wants to satisfy her sweet tooth with something sweet and warm that can be customized without costing what its worth a full meal.

2013-11-08 Waffee (3a)

The store in the CBD located just on Swanston St is actually their second store, with their first one being in Altona. And thank goodness for that, because Altona is a world away from where I live.

2013-11-08 Waffee (7)

All I can say is that, these brothers know what they’re doing when it comes to waffles and they’re doing it right.

2013-11-08 Waffee (10)

2013-11-08 Waffee (5)

2013-11-08 Waffee (8)

2013-11-08 Waffee (11a)

I got the original sugar glazed waffle for only $2.80 and it was satisfyingly amazing. If you love sweet things as much as I do, this is a place you should definitely check out. I can’t wait to come back here and try some of their other glazed waffles.

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