To this day, I can’t really say that I know what authentic Thai food is like except that it is quite similar to Vietnamese food, or at least the kind of Vietnamese that mum cooks anyway. It is perhaps because of that, that I do not venture out to try Thai very often. But today was one of those nights where both my friend and I wanted to go for something just a little bit different. Kerabu is a little Thai treasure trove. Seating to possibly only 20-30 people, the restaurant is small and cosy. Booking is often essential since they open for dinner from Tuesday-Sunday with the exception of Friday where lunch is made available as well.

2013-11-29 Kerabu (4,5)

2013-11-29 Kerabu (2)

As soon as you step inside it all just exudes a slightly modern luxe feeling with the lights and flowers, but classy romantic hipster on closer inspection. Red brick walls, with dark wooden chairs lined with classic white dining ware and wine glasses. Although there were some single meal options, most of the food is à la carte and made to share with a bowl of rice as such.

2013-11-29 Kerabu (10)Pad Gratiam Thai: Stir fried chicken with black pepper and garlic served on vegetables $20.5

This dish sounded exciting, chicken and black pepper. The image I had envisioned in my mind was completely wiped away when the dish finally came out. Perhaps I had been expecting something similar to the Chinese black pepper beef, but a chicken version. I forgot in the moment of ordering that this wasn’t a Chinese restaurant and so disappointed myself. The dish it self taste pretty ordinary, I was grateful for the generous amounts of vegetables though.

2013-11-29 Kerabu (9)Roti canai

2013-11-29 Kerabu (8)Red Curry Duck: Grilled with lycees, okra, brinjal and beans $28.5

 The only other time I’ve ever had Red curry duck was at Gingerboy, and it was my first time as well. I was, safe to say blown away by the amazing rich flavours. Kerabu does a fine job with their red duck curry as well. It is delicious in its own way, so I wouldn’t write it off just yet. The curry is not as thick as Gingerboy’s and definitely cooked in a way which makes it easier for you to dip into. Having no bones to pick from the meat made it easier to eat as well.

My friend and I ordered all of these with a small serving of both coconut rice $5.00 and Jasmine rice $4.50. Although the coconut rise had a very nice fragrant, we both agreed that the Jasmine rice was fluffier and actually tasted better. All in all the bill came to be a bit pricier than I had intended and we could have done without the stir fried chicken with black pepper and garlic. There was more food than either of us could finish and we ended up taking the chicken dish home.

2013-11-29 Kerabu (1)

Kerabu is definitely a nice place to check out. The restaurant has a nice quite ambience, the food is delicious (if you order correctly) and the service was one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

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