Last month, when I found out I was coming to Adelaide, one of the first things I had to suss out was where I was able to get some good food. Good food that was within a walkable distance from my apartment. After a short search, it didn’t take long before I found a nice cheap place to eat in the heart of the City Centre of Adelaide which sells fantastic homemade Korean dumplings.

Mandoo Korean dumplings is a small little Korean restaurant owned by KiDong, a humble middle aged Korean man. The restaurant has been opened for three years now. This homely little eatery serves only mandoo, bibimbap and various hot pots.

2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (4)

Despite having opened for only a few years, Mandoo Korean Dumplings has become quite popular for their dumplings which are made daily by KiDong who you can probably find standing near the counter.The food here is made also to be hearty but healthy, so no MSG is added to any of the dishes.

KiDong with Pete Evans
Even Pete Evans recognizes the deliciousness that are KiDong’s mandoos.
2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (8)
Vegetarian bibimbap

I ordered the vegetarian bibimbap which comes with a clear fish broth side and extra fried chicken mandoo. Initially I wanted to try the mandoo but I was informed that the bibimbap is quite popular so why not aim for the best of both worlds. Choosing the vegetarian option certainly help balanced this large feast of a dinner and it was well worth it.

When the vegetarian bibimbap came out, I was bit skeptical of how it would taste because the elements of the dish were different to what I was used to.

2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (9)
Fried chicken mandoo
2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (10a)
My feast of a Korean dinner
2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (11)
Just look at the deliciousness of it when its all mixed. up.
2013-11-22 Mandoo Korean Dumplings (12)
If you thought I was going to waste any of it then you were wrong. Little old me devoured everything entirely.

Overall, I really enjoyed my meal here. If I were ever in Adelaide again, I would definitely come back here for more. In fact, writing this post doesn’t really help with the cravings at all. For those who haven’t been there yet, definitely check this place out.

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    1. There were some pickles but it looked like that was all they gave me. I didn’t ask them for any banchan though. I was already overwhelmed with the amount of food I received, so didn’t feel the need to ask if there was any more banchan.

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