For the longest time, I’ve been meaning to go to N2 Extreme Gelato. I have heard so many good and interesting reviews about the place as the new swanky place to go for gelato if you want some good icy sweets. For the everyday nerd like myself, when you hear about someone making gelato by using nitrogen gas as the cooling agent, you’d wonder why you never came up with the idea to commercialize this innovative train of thinking yourself. Well you probably did, but never dared to look into it. After all, who would have ever thought about buying nitrogen gas in bulk for the sole purpose of freezing gelato. I certainly didn’t.

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They’ve got quite the funky looking menu board. There were so many flavours I wanted to try. The Ferrero reveal looked deliciously decadent, but so did the other Christmas flavours and the limited time only selection. The panadan creme caught my eye as well.

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Towards the back of the shop, there are crates and chairs for patrons to lounge around. What I loved even more, was the colourful panda graffitti wall art.

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Customers are protected by a glass screen which encases the magical N2 gelato lab. Just check out that large tub of Nutella.

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My friend ordered the Cherry sorbet with lycee (left) while I had the Red bean gelato with green tea shortbread. They were both so delicious. Mine in particular had a surprise green tea shortbread layer in the middle to add some texture and excitement.

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One scoop of gelato will set you back $6.00 which is more pricier than your average $4.50 per scoop deal at most other places, however serving sizes are a little larger. And this probably more has to do with the amount of effort and nitrogen gas to make one small serving whereas a larger quantity would be more cost efficient. Its the price you pay for the novelty of it all.

I would certainly love to come back here, especially when there were so many other flavours I wanted to try as well.

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