With the intention of eating closer to ‘home’ that is our own work place, my boss decided to dine my locally for our Christmas party. Remy’s Bar De Tapas Y Vino is a rare little gem and it is certainly close. Located in the heart of Malvern, near the corner of Glenferrie Rd and High St, this cosy Spanish eatery offers its customers a fine selection of Mediterranean food no more than 5 mins walk away from work. The restaurant which usually opens from 5pm onwards except on weekends, opened their doors for us on a Friday afternoon. And plate after plate we were served with delicious tapas style food. 

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (4)Calamares: Flash fried calamari tossed with salt and pepper served with Spanish mayonesa.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (5)Potatas Bravas: Double crisp potatoes tossed with Spanish extra virgin olive oil, garlic rosemary, paprika with a side of Spanish mayonesa.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (6)Champinones Saltados: Champignones pan tossed with Markus marinade on rocket

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (7)Zucchini and coliflor fritos: Zucchini and cauliflower grilled and served with salsa de prebre.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (8)Spanish Albondigas: Beef meatballs with red capsicum, herbs and fresh parsley slowly cooked in a homemade tomato salsa, Spanish olives, chilli and crispy bread sides.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (9)Barramundi fillets

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (10a)Seafood Paella: prawns, scallops, pippis, mussels, chorizo, calamari, vegetables, saffron.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (11a) Vegetarian Paella: Spanish onion, red pepper, zucchini, French beans, cauliflower, peas, carrots, celery, chilli, garlic, saffron and tomato.

2013-12-06 Remy Bar De Tapas Y Vino (12)Churros with chocolate syrup and rolled in sugar.

More than half the food plated up was exceptionally delicious. The calamari was so soft and seasoned to perfection, the mushrooms and their sauce were bread dippingly good. Their Sangria was also very nice, very fragrant and fruity, nothing like the Sangria I once tried at the Victoria Market. I tried the expresso martini which was a nice bitter sweet coffee blend with a slight whiskey or scotch sweetness to it. But I’ll have to confess, the highlight of the afternoon for me were definitely the paella, espcially the vegetarian one. Both were very fragrant, well cooked and served generously including the seafood, but the vegetarian paella was addictively good. All the vegetables were soft, tender and well seasoned with the rice, all the flavours blending very well with one another.

Remy has certain sparked my interest in Mediterranean food by introducing me to its unique flavours done right, done correctly. If all else fails when I’m on the search for good paella around Melbourne, I know where I’ll be coming back to.

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