Third Wave Cafe is no stranger to the dining world. Having established its own popularity down in Port Melbourne serving up an American BBQ storm and a Russian inspired menu, Third Wave Cafe is now open and has been for 3 months now on Cato street, Prahan. Hidden just behind the bustling Chapel St, Third Wave Cafe offers its patrons a unique brunch menu with fabulous coffee. Initially open only for lunch, the cafe has now extended its trading hours due to increasing popularity. It is no wonder that food here is tasty, when you are being served up Ryo Kitahara, a protégé of Iron Chef Sakai. Anyone who’s ever watched Iron Chef would have an idea how good these chefs are and so, my expectations from this cafe were quite high, almost unfairly so.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (3)

Staff were friendly, inviting and very accommodating.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (5a)Hazelnut hot chocolate

I personally have never seen hazelnut hot chocolate on the menu before and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever tried. I can’t look at hot chocolate the same way anymore, and refuse to order normal hot chocolate at cafes now knowing that Third Wave serves a mean hazelnut hot chocolate drink.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (11b)Russian Sampler Plate: Russian salad, two types of blintzes, meat dumplings, syrniki (savoury pancakes)

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (12a)BBQ Pork Ribs served with chips and coleslaw side (you’ll see later)

The ribs were smoky and the meat really soft and tender. My friend kept raving about the BBQ pork ribs being the best she’s ever tasted. I thought the ribs were done really well, full of flavour and not drenched in BBQ sauce. Instead the sauce was served on the side which I thought was a good idea.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (14b)Pelmeni (Russian dumplings) with a meat filling

We were told to be prepared when eating these dumplings that they were not your ordinary dumplings, so to compare and judge them against Chinese dumplings would be unfair. Russian dumplings traditionally have a thicker skin and small fillings inside. The way you eat them is also slightly different and this was something that was interesting and new to us. However in the end, my friend and I decided that Russian dumplings were not our thing. We were both too used to Chinese wonton, har gow, jiao zi or Japanese gyoza flavours.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (8)

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (17)Russian blintzes: one mushroom and one cheese flavoured.

Part of the sample plate, the Russian blintzes were just little parcels of joy. In particular, the mushroom blintz was very nice. It tasted like creamy mushroom soup wrapped in a savoury thin crepe.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (20)

As you can see, my friend and I polished everything down. We struggled a little towards the end, but the food was just too good to leave behind. Also, I’m not a fan of food wastage so it had to be done.

2013-11-15 Third Wave Cafe (1)

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Greg for inviting me to dine as a guest at Third Wave Cafe.
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