With only a couple of days left before Christmas, my friend and I were suffering from a shortage of preferable dining restaurants. Down in Glen Waverly there are a multitude of good places to eat at however, most of them were already closed for the Christmas break. Deciding to take our chances, we ended up dining at Waya, a Japanese restaurant which appeared to be deceivingly popular. Waya offers for your average Japanese food loving customer, a very wide selection of Japanese food. You can order sushi, all sorts of salad entrees (even Kimchi), fried food, ramen, curries, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki and even Japanese steamed egg.

2013-12-23 Waya (3)Kimchi $5.00

2013-12-23 Waya (4)Crab cream croquet (4 pieces) $7.00

The croquettes themselves were quite nice, creamy and crisp. However I could not for the life of me taste much of a crab flavour and found some stray corn in the batter instead which made me very suspicious.

2013-12-23 Waya (5)Waya Chips and mayonnaise $6.00

2013-12-23 Waya (7)Okonomiyaki $7.00

This utterly disappointing okonomiyaki exceeded my expectations to how bad okonomiyakis can get. The only vegetable I saw was finely shredded cabbage that was cooked in such a way that it was very soft, plain and mushy. I could barely taste the tonkatsu sauce, with all the excessive mayonnaise, while bonito flakes drowned the pancake in a fishy saltiness that I did not appreciate. I love a good sprinkle of bonito flakes on my okonomiyaki, but as you can see there appeas to be a thicker layer of bonito flakes than there is pancake.

2013-12-23 Waya (8)Chicken Fried Udon $11.00

Looked nothing like the colourful vegetable-ful picture. The chicken fried udon tasted just like you good ol’ stir fried udon noodles you can easily whip up at home. Not too oily, chewy udon noodles and a nice mild flavour.

2013-12-23 Waya (9)Nasu Curry Don $11.00

Perhaps I should have clarified with the waitress what Nasu was to begin with because judging from the menu picture, I thought it was a mushroom curry. For those who actually know a bit of Japanese, you guys would probably laugh at this. It was mushroom curry, but instead eggplant or aurbergine. As to what I actually thought of the curry…well lets just say that I’ve had much better.

2013-12-23 Waya (2)

Waya is one of those restaurant where you literally, get what you pay for. Food is generously served and when you’re hungry, quite palatable. But apart from that, not much else can be said about Waya.

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