Located on the upside of town along High St, I had my high expectations especially after recommendations from my work colleagues who recently had their Christmas party here.My mum is always on my back about my dining excursions, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to take her out (with a scoopon in hand). When we first arrived, the restaurant was still quiet and there was a slight smell of oil in the air, the kind of scent you get when oil has been repeatedly burned/fried, but it was cool and cosy inside.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (2)

The staff were friendly and accommodated to our no raw meats request by adding chicken to the teppanyaki to compensate.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (4,5)

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (6b)

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (7)
House salad

The salad was unnecesarily drenched in the garlic dressing that I had to drain the salad leaves on a plate before eating it.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (8)
Rice Cake/Vegetable tempura

The rice cake and carrot tempura was nice and warm, one of the highlights of the meal. It does not however compare to Teppankai’s spicy fish tempura roll.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (9)Chicken Yakitori

The yakitori skewer was  too sweet, and overcooked and served cold.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (10b)

We were served by a Teppanyaki chef with just almost a year of experience under his belt. He was polite and tried his best to impress us and accommodate to our needs. Half way through our session, the chef had to split his attention and serve another pair as well. Unfortuately for them, it seemed that the process was a bit more rushed on their part.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (11a)Tiger prawns and chicken (instead of having assorted sashimi or wagyu tataki for the entrees)

When the Teppanyaki grill came, we were glad to finally have some warm and hopefully not over seasoned meats. The scallops initially were undercooked, but the chef was happy to recook it again for my mum.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (12a)

I can’t say that I necessarily enjoyed the noisy salty shaker dance/hat toss the chef did, but he was polite and seemed to enjoy what he was doing, unfortunately I’m not exactly a fan of meager theatrics and smiled out of politness, as opposed to the poker face mum was pulling. She was unfairly comparing the food to her own cooking which I can understand. Mum’s a mean cook and it will take only the best to impress her, and unfortunately Aya’s Teppanyaki experience cannot be described as such.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (13)Vegetable fried rice

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (14b)Wagyu beef and calamari

The quality of the ingredients were good, but execution was poor. In particular with respect to the amount of seasoning used because everything was just too overpoweringly salty. The teppanyaki experience at Aya Teppanyaki is not something I would recommend to pay full price for, so coming here with a scoopon in hand would be worth giving the place a go. Otherwise, I’d say it’s probably better you check out Teppankai. Tokyo Teppanyaki is a bit better and the at the atmosphere is much nicer.

2013-12-08 Aya Teppanyaki (1)

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