With a lot of shops closing over the Christmas break well after the New Year’s, it was a hit and miss a lot of the times when trying to find a place that was going to be open not long after New Year’s day. To our luck Creperie le Triskel was of those places that had not decided to go on holiday. Hidden in a away from the main street in a little laneway, Creperie le Triskel is a French little eatery that has caught my eye many times before and it was about time I stopped thinking about dropping them a visit and actually doing it.

2014-01-02 Creperie Le Triskel (1)

Despite all the connotations and images I get in my head of crepes being not too healthy and quite heavy for a meal I was soon proven completely wrong on this sentiment. And how glad I was to be wrong.

2014-01-02 Creperie Le Triskel (3)La Korigan $11.50

French bechemel, Swiss Gruyere cheese, spinach and mushrooms

All the savoury crepes are made with buckwheat flour which makes the crepes very light, airy and good for you. Accompanied with a variety of vegetables and some delicious cheese and white sauce, these crepes serve to completely satisfy but not leave you feeling like you’ve eaten too much. The servings look quite large, but in fact are just the right size. Its no wonder the French are thin.

2014-01-02 Creperie Le Triskel (4)La Jardiniere $10.00

Swiss Gruyere cheese, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, home made tomato sauce and spinach

2014-01-02 Creperie Le Triskel (5)

Run by French people serving French food, Creperie le Triskel brings a touch of the Parisian flair in the little Melbourne laneway. The eatery serves both savoury and sweet crepes to cater for all sorts of cravings. With a great atmosphere to contend with, friendly service, good food and good value, I’ll definitely be dropping by this little French treasure for another visit sometime.

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