When my family and I decided to go on a day trip to Phillip Island, I was determined to take them out to a nice place to eat. I had almost lost hope of finding somewhere to eat (which would have resulted in fish and chips) until I came across a review on Fig and Olive at Cowes. The place looked very promising and I was very excited to be trying something very different to what I was used to. 

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (9)Crispy calamari with black salt & pepper, garlic mayo 15.00

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (10a)Tapas board – Crusty bread, garlic chilli prawns, cheese and ham croquettes, mechego cheese, baked chorizo on rocket 28.00

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (11)Funghi (portobello mushroom, mozzarella, fontina, baby spinach) / Gemberi pizza (marinated tiger prawns, chorizo, chilli, coriander, roast capsicum) $22.00

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (12c)Roasted five spiced Pork belly with crispy kifler potatoes, quince dressing, green beans, port and miso sauce. $32.00

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (13a)Traditional Seafood paella with chicken, spicy chorizo, capsicum, saffron, garlic mayo, paprika. $30.00

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (14)Roasted King Prawn and Morten bay bug Risotto (Coriander & ginger pesto, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, chilli dressing)  $34.00

It initially took a little while for the food to come out because we only had 2 hour parking. It couldn’t be helped because the kitchen had just opened, but boy once the food did come out, it came out all at once.

Everything was all so beautifully presented. The seafood was fresh and servings were all very generous. There was a great variety and mix of vegetables, meat/seafood and carbohydrates.On their own, all the mains would have made very satisfying meals and there was certainly more food than one person could handle for some of the main dishes. Although not the best food I’ve every tasted, Fig and Olives at Cowes does a wonderful job at satisfying our taste buds and with their attentive service, our needs as well. A really lovely place~

2013-12-28 Fig & Olive at Cowes (7)

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