When my dad heard about the Melbourne Star being open, he really wanted to go check it out. Not only did he want to ride it once, but twice (because it worked out to be a better value that way). After finishing the first ride, we needed to find a way to kill some time and more importantly the growling of our stomach. How convenient it was that Gold Leaf was just across the boardwalk to the Melbourne Star in Harbour Town. And more importantly, it was still open.

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (1)

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (2,3)      2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (6)Lobster with X.O. sauce and noodles

You can never go wrong with Lobster with X.O. sauce. This dish is not something you get the chance to eat everyday but when you do, you saviour every single bite of of that lobster and everything that goes with it. Safe to say that everyone loved it.

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (7)Chinese broccoli with garlic

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (8)Black Pepper beef fillet (with snow peas)

My brother’s all time favourite beef dish. To be honest we were all ordering classic favourite dishes and meals, so it makes it difficult to say anything bad at all about the quality and taste of food. The beef was extremely soft and tender and full of juices having soaked up the delicious black pepper sauce. We couldn’t get enough of it.

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (9)Deep fried chicken ribs with spicy pepper salt.

I have a new found love for deep fried chicken ribs. First it was my aunt’s special deep fried chicken ribs which were amazing, and now we have the Gold Leaf chicken ribs as well. The wonderful thing about ribs is that there is little skin and even littler fat which makes it a somewhat lean cut of meat. With only one piece of bone getting in the way of pure fried meaty heaven, there is not much I can fault about this fried chicken. The batter was crispy and the chicken was seasoned well.

2013-12-28 Gold Leaf (10,11)

The service at Gold Leaf, Dockclands was exceptionally friendly and prompt. The managing staff were very patient with us when we were having trouble deciding what to order for dinner and helped us with ordering the food to balance the flavours out. I’m glad we took his advice. Along with our feast we received a clear soup broth for a starter and also complimentary fruit platter and red bean dessert soup for the after meal. We ended up having quite the feast of a dinner and everyone left happy and satisfied.

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