I was hearing a lot of things over the foodie networks (aka Urbanspoon) about Hammer and Tong 412 and decided it was about time I went to see what all the fuss was about. Located on Brunswick not far from other popular foodie joints like Little Creatures Dining Hall and Vegie Bar, Hammer and Tong is a restaurant that caters its customers with the choice of three dining areas. You may choose to eat in the main dining area, the sun hall (which is beautifully lit from the large glass windows, it feels like your eating on a garden porch) or the corridor bar (which is a bit more cosy).

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (7)

If you ever came here too early (aka me) for dinner (5pm), you’ll soon find out that the kitchen opens for dinner at 6pm. Instead of waiting, my friend and I went back down the street to have gelato at N2 Extreme Gelato before dinner. The staff at Hammer and Tong are very polite and friendly. We were their first customers of the evening and I must say that I was quite impressed with the service here.

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (3,4,9b)Some bread and fried onion butter to start us off.

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (10c)Medley tomato, black garlic, milk noodle & rye $14.00

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (11a)Soft shell crab burger with Sriracha mayonnaise. $12.00

We decided to share the courses so we’d both be able to try all the amazing flavours. The tomato medley was absolutely declicious. The variety of tomatoes along with some of the black garlic (which was surprisingly not overpowering) on the crispy rye provided a wonderful mix of texture and flavours. The soft shell crab burger as expected was good, really good.

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (12a)Lamb backstrap, wild mushrooms, celeriac, quinoa & lemon thyme. $27.00

 The highlight of the three courses for me was actually the lamb backstrap and this is coming from someone who rarely eats lamb. I was expecting a massive slab of meat, but to my pleasant surprise we were served this tender slices of lamb and beautifully seasoned wild mushrooms. My friend who was trying quinoa for the first time, didn’t particularly liked how it tasted. Quinoa has a particularly nutty taste, soft but still had some good bite absorbed the sauces very well and the celeriac was almost as smooth as mash potatoes.

2013-12-20 Hammer & Tong (12b)

I understand the attention and draw people have to Hammer and Tong, they provide good food and great service. Now with a new menu set for 2014 to change things up for the new year, I just might come here again to try some of their other food.

Check out their website for more information and details here.

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