South Yarra is home to a great small number of cake shops including the likes of Burch & Purchese and Zumbo. Among these popular joints for a sweet fix is also LuxBite another gourmet cake shop specializing in macarons and intricately layered cakes. Being established in the area since 2010, Luxbite does more than well to hold its own ground by incorporating classic Asian flavours into their sweet creations. With a hint of East meets West in the classiest sense, you will have the opportunity to see and taste the result of French pastry techniques combined with such flavours as pandan, black sesame, lychee and Oolong tea.

2013-12-18 LuxBite (19)

We were definitely going to try the green tea cheesecake, no doubt about it.

2013-12-18 LuxBite (20, 21)

2013-12-18 LuxBite (22)

These photos were taken during December, so you can see a lot of Christmas themed sweets. I was really tempted to try them all, but already had quite the filling lunch. The Rudolph macaron was especially cute but the Meringue Monster (below) watermelon yoghurt was caught my eye as well.

2013-12-18 LuxBite (23)

2013-12-18 LuxBite (26b)Lolly Bag Cake as featured on Master Chef

7 layers of cake: banana lolly Jaconde, freckles crunch, mandarin jaffa ganache, musk mallow, banana lolly Jaconde, spearleaf mint buttercream and redskin glaze.

If you’ve every taken a bite out of each lolly in a lolly bag mix and chewed it altogether, I’d say you’d be pretty close to getting what this cake tastes like. I was actually surprised at how well the flavours worked well and suited one another. The banana lolly jaconde was my favourite layer of the cake while I could have done without the sprinkles. Overall a tad too sweet for my personal liking and my friend agreed as well.

2013-12-18 LuxBite (27b)Green tea cheesecake

Green tea Jaconde, Japanese rice wine, pistachio ganache, cream cheese, salted green tea crumble.

Now I love green tea and anything made from it. From the beginning, without even tasting it, I knew I was going to really like it. Due to the bitter nature of matcha flavours, any sweetness is usually toned down and this cheesecake was just as I expected. Lovely textures and mildly sweet flavours. The green tea crumble on top provided a nice contrast of texture compared to the creamy softness of the cake.

2013-12-18 LuxBite (1)

Luxbite sure provides you with an interesting selection of very pretty little cakes. There aren’t too many that you’ll be overwhelmed with choice but definitely enough to tempt coming back for another visit.

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