This busy cafe was one of the few still open just before Christmas near the South Melbourne markets. Neither my friend or I had anything to eat all morning and it was 12noon already. We were both famished and Panette was bustling with activity, the only brunch spot within the distance we were willing to walk that had a range of classic breakfast or lunch options on the menu. Panette is conveniently located on the corner of Cecil St and Coventry St just opposite the South Melbourne Market where fresh produce is easily accessible.
2013-12-24 Panette (4)

2013-12-24 Panette (9)Scrambled eggs and salmon on sourdough toast with extra mushrooms

2013-12-24 Panette (5)The weather on that day was just perfect. Sunny but not too hot. The view by the window was lovely.

2013-12-24 Panette (8)Corn fritters and ham (sans ham) with extra roma tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms and a poached egg.

I was disappointed to not really find a vegetable-ful dish on the menu at all, so decided to make up my own breakfast on the spot instead of ordering something I wasn’t going to finish. And it was a mighty fine decision indeed, I polished everything off the dish because I was quite hungry while not making myself sick. The mushrooms in particular were very tasty, while the rest tasted as they should. My only quarrel is that the corn fritters were more sweeter than I would have liked. I was actually expecting the batter to be savoury, but instead it was sweet like pancake batter.

2013-12-24 Panette (3)

Cafe Panette is a nice place to have a lazy weekend brunch, to sit down and just relax. Whether you want to come here to start your day or just have a break from the hustle bustle from the market across the road, Cafe Panette’s convenient location makes it a difficult place not to at least check out once.

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