Foliage, flowers, and a menu selection which holds promise of mini a edible garden. As the name would suggest, Top Paddock gives off a country vibe in both the way the venue is set up and its menu selection. The funky garden glasshouse of a cafe along with the slight hipster vibe was right up my alley. The venue itself is very nice especially if you’re a lover of anything to do with lots of plants and flowers. Located just over the bridge at the end of Chapel St, Top Paddock sets it self to stand out from the back to back cafes in the shopping district area.

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I decided to take one of my friends who recently converted to eating more wholesome foods and cooking at home as opposed to KFC and Mac Donald’s to introduce him to some different food. He’s lack of knowledge of food and the science of cooking is amusing but you’d be surprised how quickly your taste  buds will develop once you start eating real food and not food products.

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Top Paddock has a range of both eat in and take away food options. This display case shows you some of the treat available for those who need a quick bite on the go.

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2013-12-18 Top Paddock (15)Fresh soft shell QLD mud crab roll with fennel, dill and lime mayonnaise on brioche bun. $21.00
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Grilled broccolini and broad beans with avocado, toasted almonds, poached eggs and heidi raclette on toast. $17.00

2013-12-18 Top Paddock (16)Pan fried local snapper with a chilli-fried egg, avocado, tomato, lime and corn tortilla. $19.00

2013-12-18 Top Paddock (1)

My friend and I agreed that of the three dishes, the pan fried snapper was a bit of a let down, whereas the grilled broccolini and the soft shell crab burger were very nice. They both had an interesting combination of flavours and there was plenty of greens to satisfy my healthier eating alter ego.The food although very nice, did not blow out minds. At Top Paddock, presentation is spot on and the use of a variety of ingredients is applaudable, however taste was something that was just lacking a bit in general.


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