Lately, its been heating up here in Melbourne. With our first taste of the warmer weather during that week of over 40 something degree heat, Melbournians are probably just about ready to take on the summer. Regardless of weather you prefer to hit the beach with your friends or stay indoors where the air conditioning is turned on, with summer finally making its grand appearance. This means going to the beach, hitting the swimming pool, hanging out with friends, attending summer festivals and eating ice cream…or in my case, gelato. And where can we find some good ol’ home made gelato? Why, Gelato Messina of course.

2014-01-02 Gelato Messina (1)When arriving at the place, I was surprised by its large open space and entrance and its window paneled doors.

2014-01-02 Gelato Messina (3,4)

2014-01-02 Gelato Messina (5)

Despite the slight hipster vibe I got from the brick walls, this funky cartoon backdrop was an interesting feature to the interior wall where a glass window is fitted so you can see the people that make eating gelato possible.

2014-01-02 Gelato Messina (6)

Gelato Messina has boomed in popularly over the last few months with their amazing deliciously rich and good quality home made gelato. Whether you prefer the fruit packed sorbets or the more decadent creamy classics, Gelato Messina will do its best to satisfy all your gelato cravings.

2014-01-02 Gelato Messina (7)

On the right I tried the bounty flavoured gelato which was quite intense. It tasted like a creamy frozen bounty bar with real coconut and chocolate pieces in it. My friend on the other hand went all out with the fruit flavours and got mango, coconut lychee and passion fruit. In true essence to its flavour, the passion fruit one was actually very tart and quite sour. The mango tasted like a Weis Mango Bar but better and the coconut lychee like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. All the flavours were amazingly good and I will do well to remember to come back here one day to try some of the other gelato as well.

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